Saturday, May 9, 2009


Sometimes I think, what is the importance of existance? To be able to breathe? Eat? Play? or to Love?

It's a hard question. All of us I am sure are much treasure by our parents. When mommy and daddy first heard of our existance, they will be jumping for joy. They couldn't wait to see us. To see us arrive at their warm , loving arms, to cradle us, to kiss us, to carress us. They also impatient for us to grow up into young adults, to be able to care for ourselves, to be able to make them smile, to be able to share their love.

So, our existance is important to them. They want us to be happy. To be healthy. To be good. To be of importance to people around us.

And in return, what had I done to show them that I am worthy of an existance? Instead of telling them I love You, I grew stubborn head at times. Instead of letting them smile always, I give them troubles all the time. Instead of letting them feel secure, I cause worry lines to their forehead.

I guess it's time to change. I had been so selfish for years. I did not stop and think of the result of my action. Instead, I always think of myself first before them. I did not once stop to think of the feeling they'll get from my action.

It's time to grow up.

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