Friday, May 15, 2009

A break

Dear dear.. what's going to happen to me? Presentation on Monday and need to print the boards on Saturday, means tomolo, but I'm still here writing.. aiyoyo... I'm really tired of all this. I am looking sooo much forward to the days after the presentation.. Wonder the presentation will go smoothly or not... When reflect back, I found that I really did not put 100% effort into it. A bit guilty and regret. But the harm's done. What can I do about it? All I can do is put more effort into this final presentation. Say is easy, how to do...

My perspective still sucks.. Don't mention my prototype. I will cry. I have a bit high hope towards my prototype.. But.. in the end.. It's really a failure. How? I'm going to get shoot until vomit blood on Tuesday. Plz... Just go easy on me ok.. Just don't give me a bad memories of my final presentation in KBU. I don't hope for great critics from these lecturers, but at least, don't let my effort all seems like a waste. I just wish that my effort will be appreciated a little. Coz although I did not do 100%, I did 80%. It's just that maybe I don't have the talent needed.

Oh well. No point arguing whether I have talent or not. It's already the end of the course. I've been in interior architecture field for 3 years. That's not a short time and I should have learned many and should have know what's my strength. Unfortunately, I still couldn't discover my strength and if you ask me what have I learn, I guess I just havee to answer you.. '' when rushing for submission, it will be no-sleep-night''..

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