Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Rabbit Year!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 

It is the rabbit year! I love rabbit! Don't you? ^^

 Bunny drawn by me! ^^ 

This is the 1st time not celebrating CNY with my dear dear family. Feel very very homesick on the eve. Kinda think back lots of memories.

Anyway, it is a new experience and will be part of my meaningful life! There is so much to experience and I shouldn't waste my time thinking of 'what if'.

So, how did I celebrate my CNY in Nottingham this year?

1st of, on the eve, I went to the chinese supermarket. Man Li to shop for some grocery. While paying for my stuff, the boss great me, 新年快乐!Straight away I feel so warm inside. It is such a normal greeting but knowing we have something similar is such a warm feeling. Btw, the owner is a Malaysian. ^^

2nd, spend the eve eating curry chicken. I thought of treating my self so I go cook. End up, eating a lot. Haha..  However, this is also the 1st time I spend CNY eve working on my assignment. Such a good girl.

3rd, the 1st day of CNY. Nothing special was arranged. Though it was Thursday and I don't have class, but due to me being such a lazy bum the whole week, I haven't done any assignment. Tutorial is on Friday. No choice but to go to library and Maudslay to start working. Spending about 3 hours there before I realised I forgotten some notes so I have to walk back. Which means, watching drama. LOL..

Quite satisfying though, since the weather is very very very good. Blue sky, windy but not too cold. Puts me in a better mood. And there the steamboat with Xian and Fiola at night. At least, I know I wouldn't be alone then.
Spinach and Salad

Drumstick for steamboat..1st time..haha 

Sweet soup by Fiola!

Very delicious! 

4th, today is CNY 2nd day. Went for tutorial and all went quite pleasantly. Puts me in a more goody mood. ^^ In the evening after class, we (Xian & Fiola) went to Orange Tree for some drinks and food. 1st time in all  my 132 days in Nottingham, went to the restaurant. Nice ambience and interesting food. I wouldn't say the food is superb but it is different from what we will normally have. After that, we went shopping at TKmaxx before going home. Oh, and if you are wondering, NOPE! I did not buy anything! ^^

Lemonade for me

Our bill





Fish and Chips


Now, here I am, after watching Sailormoon (again), decided to write a post about my CNY. ^^

See you guys, going back to my Sailormoon! 

Happy Rabbit Year!!!!!!

PS! It is RABBIT year!! omg.. I'm so excited... ^^"

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