Sunday, February 6, 2011

Addiction to Sailormoon AGAIN~

As stated in previous post, I am being addicted to Sailormoon all over again. Due to the fact that I am trying to find the Cantonese version of it, I browse through Youtube and found this! A jem! Haha..

Years ago, I  have save lots of Sailormoon songs into a cd and played it in my car, everytime I drive, (Ask my friends.. ^^) until they complain about it. However, I always feel that these songs are the best. Besides Sammi's songs, these are the ones that I wouldn't get bored listening to everyday. Weird huh? No reason though.

So, now I found the Cantonese version of some of my favourites. Oooh...the next step is to find the mp3 to DL and I can put it into my iPod! Yea!!!!!

Btw, here is another instrumental song that I love so much. I did try to find the violin part of this song. I did. But not the other part though.. it is such a powerful song. Love it. Listen to please? Haha..

Oh, and I also found another interesting clip. Listen to this!  ^^

Sometimes, I would ask myself. How old are you now? To still be addicted to Sailormoon??? I have been addicted to her since I'm in primary. Now, in Uni!

However, I hear myself answering the questions.

Mei Theng (2011) :

"No matter how old I am, there's still a child resides in me. And it is that child who guides me in my life. It is this child who will never grows up and will never leave me forever. This child will be with me till I lost the motion to live. As long as I have this child inside of me, I know I will always be motivated." 


OK, OK... too much I think. Recently been researching about human motivation and internal needs and about fun theory and blah blah blah..too many psychological reads already.. Haha.. But I still think it is true. Everyone have a child deep inside. It is really up to you whether or not to talk to him/her. Whether you want to admit it or not, everyone is playful. It only depends on what kind of playfulness you have. For me, it is always these childish things. And I love it! ^^ As long as it makes me happy, who cares what other people says? These childish addiction brings me memories of my childhood. It reminds me of my childhood imagination and dreams. Dreams which I had forgotten when I grew up.............................

ps. Ohhhh..btw! Sammi is going to act in another movie with Louis Koo!!!!!! According to news, they are going to film some parts in Hunan location. Worried about her health though! Must take care. (Reminds me of Everlasting Regret.) Don't get sick again. Ganbette!!

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