Monday, October 1, 2007

My 1st ever YOGA class

yup... went for a yoga class on Monday... at YogaZone

i joined the basic class called 'Element' since i have not learned Yoga before.. basically Element is to introduce you into Yoga, the basic breathing and movement.. absolutely suitable for beginner.. as it is all basic. If you are interested to know more, feel free to go to their website and browse.. interesting..

so, went there for the 1st time... quite nervous.. haha.. half is aunty la..

anyway, the whole class is all purely stretching.. STRETCH until ur muscle scold and cry.. haha... whole hour... all my limbs, joints.. everything.. hurts.. and i sweat like crazy.. the worst thing that happened is that i forgot to bring towel.. so.. really.. never sweat like that before.. scary..

although the stretching process is hard.. no pressure were put upon us.. if you can't do the movement, don't push yourself.. you will get it by and by... therefore, it's relaxing..

and since to me, it's absolutely the right way to lose some weight and exercise.. i thoroughly enjoy the class..

after the class ended, i feel my body shaking adi.. but... the wonderful thing is I really feel light.. i feel so flexible.. haha.. quite comfortable actually...

then.. the nightmare begun... after 1 hour.. my arms completely loses its strength.. scary huh?

at night when I went for supper wif family.. and i normally sit at the front seat.. then, naturally will buckle up the seat belt..

so, i started to pull.. oops..
the belt would not budge...

at last have to pull wif both hands..
now really feel tired... luckily tuesday no need go coll.. haha

oh ya.. btw, i have just officially finish vacation and back to college...
ah~ but that's another story.. haha...
college life update during the weekend..

however... although the aftermath of Yoga class seem scary... i am still excited for the next lesson.. haha...


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