Friday, October 26, 2007

The Little Mermaid

Heard of this fairy tales? It's by Hans Christian Andersen..

Ulp.. no? really no? u really haven't heard of it before? well, then, u must be living in the forest for years.. haha.. alright.. just kidding.. relaz... dun boycote me ok.. :)

anyway, small children, especially little gurls loved this fairy tales.. made famous by Disney.. the main character, Arial, the little mermaid.. who is dissatisfied with her live undersea went to the shore and saw Prince Eric and fell deeply in love with him.. and then.. in return for legs, she give up her beautiful voice to the evil witch, Ursula.. and then... blah blah.. Prince at last fell in love wif Arial, she get her beautiful voice back.. both live happily.. lovingly.. those typically love fairy tales.. sweet rightt? want to know more click HERE

however, I just read the original Little Mermaid.. and I found that the storyline is quite different.. and it's so sad.. (I know.. I am very ignorant.. now only read.. )

anyway.. the beginning storyline is quite similar.. Andersen depicted the surroundings of the underworld beautifully.. with all those seaweeds.. fishes.. palaces.. it's just so perfect.. haha.. ok,ok, back to the story..

the whole story seems perfect.. she meets her prince.. the prince have affections for her although she can't speak.. he seems to understand what is she trying to speak.. and she is trying to gain his love so that he will have her as her bride.. if not, on the morning after the prince marriage, she will turn in to bubbles foam in the sea.. and lost forever..

at first, the prince seems to love her.. and will not marry another.. but.. ah-hah..

but, in the end.. he meet the girl which he thought save his life during his ship wrecked. He fell in love with her instantly.. and the next day marry her.. and ask the mermaid to rejoice for him.. the little mermaid knew she had lost all her hopes.. her eyes was now being blinded by the death that was coming to her.. before the first ray of sun shine to earth, her sisters came up to the sea, and give her a knife to stab the prince death.. then his blood which drop to her legs will turn her back to tails and she can return to the underworld.. the mermaid went beside the sleeping prince.. and look at him.. she threw the knife away and fell to the sea.. she knew the prince love the princess.. not her.. and she love him too much to hurt him..

she fade into the sea.. into foams.. the next morning saw the prince and her princess looking for the mermaid.. the little mermaid smiled unseen by the prince..

sad.. sad...sad...

luckily Disney did not depict the story exactly as it is.. if not.. all children hopes will crush.. Maybe that the way reality is.. however, it wouldn't hurt to have some hopes now and then right? hmm.. it's really sad.. the little mermaid give up so much just to be with the prince she save from the wreck.. only to become a bubble foam in the end.. where's the fairness in it? but, that's what love is.. all fair and square in love.. is that true?

love is often blind.. that's wat people say..

how true is that?

how hurt will one be when her hopes are crush by their lover?

how much time will they take to heal their heart?

how many people actually had not been hurt by their partner?

how come the partner never learn that females often need more attention and sensitive care?



wenching & esiong said...

Yeah, heard of the true story of the Little Mermaid quite some time ago. Sounds really sad but I guess that's how cruel things can turn out to be! Thanks for sharing the story, nice reading it!

conan_cat said...

oh yeah, you should read grimm brother's fairy tales and their original version for snow white. the stepmother did not die in the end, the prince made her dance in burning hot iron shoes on fire. she died.

i read somewhere that fairy tales are not meant to be all happy and nice. when anderson and grimm brothers wrote the story they actually wanted to show the kids the meaning of *reality* through an engaging world and storyline. disney turned it another way round--instead of telling reality, they created fantasy.