Sunday, October 7, 2007

1st week back to college..

there you are..

the 1st week of YEAR 2...

one word to describe it.. urgh..!

well, we are now joined with the seniors.. which, from what we heard from those lecturers who loves them so much, are so super GENG..

and this make me feel extremely nervous.. it's like their thinking are so much more different from me.. theirs are much more mature.. when compare.. i feel like I am so kiddy.. :

not to say anything, our new classmates are great.. they seems friendly and a large bunch of chatterbox.. not to say laugh at every single thing.. i love that.. makes the atmosphere much more relax..

oh, btw, did I mentioned that their number are 50% more than our teeny weeny number of 12-14..?

therefore, we are completely wrapped inside them.. haha.. we are now a total of 47.. wow.. great number huh?

we were divided into 4 groups, where each group has about 10-12 ppl... that's the number of people we have last semester... haha..seems weird..

anyway, the 1st week back and we already have some assignment.. and even attended a tutorial.. haha.. sounds hectic right?

well, it's actually not that hectic YET... however, i just feel the pressure.. it's like I am so ignorant while my groupmates all have various experience and knowledge..

and we also have some direct intakes students.. from various institure.. some with working experience.. even more GENG..

more and more pressure...

plz... someone.. help me to cope..!!!!!!

now have to go back to the lantern making process which i still haven start cutting model board..(mind you.. tutorial is tomolo..)

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