Saturday, October 20, 2007

Yesterday went gathering at 2046 at Kuchai Lama.. Some of my secondary frens.. haha.. they change so much.. can't even recognise.. although we often gather la.. still.. I guess people change faster when they're out from school.. haha.. wonder if I had change too..

The interior of 2046.. quite cozy.. but this side is the smoking area.. polluted.. haha.. however, the non-smoking area not really cozy.. and enclose.. funny huh?

Nice shadow on the wall.. love it..

This is my drink.. Ice Longan >> haha.. dun really look like those typical Ice longan huh? but taste acceptable la.. mind u.. it's worth RM5..

The TomYam meehoon.. haha.. ok ok la.. still prefer the tomyam at Black Canyon.. long never eat there adi.. must go..

The usual bunch of gang.. haha.. everyone very busy.. but.. Ling and Guat go hide behind camera.. aih..

Two of us again.. haha..HI.. san going to scold me again.. haha.. (next time take pix wif u lo..)

New addition.. Shwu Jiun.. long time no see.. still so pretty...

The 4 flowers being added another member..! yea!

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