Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Help Mother Nature

Firstly, I had to apologise for not posting this post so late.. but I had been to Genting.. and I couldn't find any internet connection there.. sori ya.. (i did not have any notebook wif me..)

'hey! where'r you going??'

'oh, it's you .. Shiny you scared the daylight out of me.. please.. be quiet..'

'oops.. sory Binny.. But why do we need to be so quiet? What are you doing?'

Binny ignore Shiny. He continue to tip-toe pass the hedge, the fence and the bench. At last, he place himself perfectly straight on the ground beside the bench. Binny sat silently. Shiny just stood above him in the air silently too, watching Binny.

After what seems like eternity, Humany turns up with Rubbishy. Both of them were walking towards the bench beside Binny. Binny sat more still. Humany sit down on the bench and took Rubbishy on his right hand. Both of them were chatting animatedly. After a while, Humany seems to lost his patient with Rubbishy's silly laughter. Humany stands up. He look left and right, and then fling Rubbishy into the hedge behind the bench. Rubbishy shout for help. Humany ignore him and walked away.

'No.. please don't throw me here.. I do not belong to the hedge.. I want to go home..'

The hedge look at Rubbishy.

'who are you? why are you here? where's your home?

Rubbishy tremble slightly as the hedge spoke. The hedge has thorn and Rubbishy were afraid of it.

'I..I am.. My name is Rubbishy.. I did not want to come to your hedge at all.. My friend, Humany threw me here, and now I am stuck. I am suppose to go back to Binny. Binny must have miss me so much.'

The hedge look at the crying Rubbishy. She took pity on him and cried to Windy.

'Oh, majestic Windy.. Pray, please take pity and help poor Rubbishy.'

Windy who's snoring loudly right above Shiny woke up. He opened his small eyes and saw Rubbishy. Windy saw how miserable Rubbishy is.

'Oh Rubbishy. How did you end up in the hedge?'

Rubbishy wipe his eyes and clear his throat.

'Oh majestic Windy. Please bring me home. I do not like to be here. This place does not belong to me. Humany, whom befriend me, did not like me anymore. Therefore, he threw me here. Oh majestic Windy. Pray.. please bring me home.'

Windy know that Rubbishy is speaking the truth. There's no way Rubbishy can get into the hedge unless being threw by Humany. Windy noded his big head and take a big gulp of Airy. Then, he blew all his might at the hedge and Rubbishy flew to the top. Windy guided Rubbishy onto the ground gently without hurting him.

'Oh majestic Windy. Thank you for your help. Now, how I wish I can get back to Binny.'

Binny who had sat silently all through this now open his eyes. Rubbishy saw him. He was so happy and relieve.

'Oh Binny. I miss you so much. I am so afraid of this place. Please.. take me back into you, to my home.'

'Dear Rubbishy, I had sat here for so long. At last, I found you. However, due to your lack of tackfullness, Humany abandone you and did not bring you back to me. Do you think that you have done no wrong?'

Rubbishy look at the ground silently. He knew his faults. He did not tell Humany clearly where does he belongs. Rubbishy did not want to go back to Binny as Binny will keep a close watch at Rubbishy and will not allow any nonsense. Rubbishy did not want to lose this freedom therefore did not tell Humany where to bring him to.

At first, Humany seems to be entertained by Rubbishy chatter. However, after sometime, Humany get tired of Rubbishy's rubbish and decided it is time to get rid of him. Humany tried to ask where does Rubbishy want to go but Rubbishy did not tell him. At last, Humany get impatient and decided to just threw him away. That's how Rubbishy ended up in the hedge.

'I'm sorry Binny. I know my faults. Next time I end up with Humany, I will tell him clearly where am I suppose to go. Humany will not simply threw me away again.'

Binny simle. He look up at Shiny. Shiny understood the signal. He shine his best sun ray in Rubbishy. Humany who walked by saw Rubbishy. He picked him up.

'where are you suppose to go?'

Rubbishy had his lesson.

'I am suppose to go into Binny there' (he pointed at Binny)

Humany noded and walk towards Binny.

'This belong to you?'

Binny open his cover and smiled. Humany put Rubbishy into Binny.

'Thanks Humany!' (Both Binny and Rubbishy said)

Shiny and Windy smiled happily. Hedge look at herself and said, 'I'm clean again.'

This story is not to say that Human threw rubbish everyplace is rubbish faults. It's just that, if we did not know what are we suppose to do, we will do what we think is the best. I think that's Human's nature. Therefore, Human should actually take more notice of everything around them. Look everywhere. The Bin might just beside you and you'll never notice.

Protect our environment. It's our reponsibility to the next generations. It's also out promise to mother nature. SHe provide us healthy environment and in return, we had to sacrifice our time to protect her.

If everyone do their own parts, the world will be a better place. Try to spend sometime looking at things around you. You might notice that we are so ignorant. Mother Nature is
crying for help but we never held out a helping hand.

p.s.. it's a bad story.. forgive me ya..

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