Thursday, October 18, 2007

OH Lantern

Here's the 1st project since Year 2.. Lantern.. a group work.. and I belief that a picture say a dozen words.. and since there's few pictures, there will be few dozens words.. haha..

(needless for me to tell you how many hardship we've gone through to vomit this out.. -.-

The top part of the 3 layer lantern.. quite cacat actually.. haha..

Middle part of the lantern... quite pretty actually.. but already been destroyed by godzilla.. (See the hole? guess what happen...?)

Bottom part of the Lantern.. cool shadow huh? love this ^^
not really clear.. but.. looks enchanting? haha..

final outcome... yea... can 'sau gong' (finish work)

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eXPeri3nc3 said...

Wow nice lantern =)