Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Another personality test

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check it out..

I am a dreamer.. haha.. a DREAMER..

alright.. what's the big deal? a dreamer ain't bad eh.. Albert Schweitzer (theologian, musician, physician), Audrey Hepburn(actress), George Orwell(author), Helen Keller(deaf/blind author,activist), J.R.R. Tolkien(author), Jamer Taylor(singer-songwriter), Laura Ingalls Wilder(author), Princess Diana and even William Shakespeare.

all of them are dreamer as well.. haha..
just in case you don't know, George Orwell is the author of the Animal Farm, J.R.R. Tolkien is the author of Lord of the Ring and Laura Ingalls Wilder writes Little House on the Prairie.


you don't know who is William Shakespeare?
oh god.. he is one of the famous.. popular.. well-known.. and blah and blah........................... author.. he wrote various plays.. which are well-known.. such as Romeo and Juliet.. Macbeth.. so on.. I did not get to read his works yet.. as the words are.. well, bombastic..haha.. anyway.. i love his storylines..

and Laura Ingalls Wilder, one of my favourite author.. her books are fantastic.. it's all about......
wait a minute.. this post is not suppose to be book analytic.. haha..

alright.. back to the personality test..

well, so many famous people are a dreamer as well, haha..

but hey.. dun get me wrong.. dreamer is not those day dreamer ya.. haha..

research also show that women are more a dreamer than men.. haha..

it means that a dreamer often rely on his/her intuitive to guide them.. (yup.. don't I often make decision according to what my heart tells me? haha)

they often are more happy if their job are fun, not boring.. and it must be meaningful (I fully agreed to that! I couldn't stand doing a job which stays the same for 20 years.. where's the meaning then? haha)

they might also be embaressed if were put in the center of attention.. (true true!!!!!!!!!!! it makes me wanna shrink to the floor when I am in this kinda situation!!)

a simple act of creating will satisfy the dreamer..(well, I do feel happy when I am creating something.. especially MESS.. kakaka)

a dreamer often seek peace.. (I do.. I hate argument.. does that count? haha.. well, I do hate wars.. I often couldn't see the reason behind wars.. even when a party won, both loses.. think..)

They can also be described as easygoing, selfless, guarded, adaptable, patient and loyal.. (erm.. well, what do you think? haha.. I sometimes are really selfish.. I admit.. but, well, I'm loyal ain't I? I will not betray you guys.. so.. tell me your true secret.. I will keep it for you.. haha)

May be extremely sensitive to any kind of criticism.. (alright.. that's me.. I do feel bad sometimes when I received some criticism.. I admit that I am not that open minded.. but I am trying to open up my mind more and more.. just give me some time ya.. no.. don't be impatient with me.. plz??? haha.. see? I'm now cracking my head apart be open minded.. '!!!)

May have great anger, and show this anger with rash outpourings of bad temper.. (yea.. I often lose my temper.. really.. sory ya.. guys.. those whom I loses my temper with.. I'm really sorry.. I had been trying to control myself.. and this takes time as well.. just don't hesitate to scold me.. haha..)

May have skewed or unrealistic ideas about reality... (hmm.. I do often think of something that is not real.. I really do, it's just that I doesn't like to tell anyone.. haha.. I might have speak of it sometimes.. I don't really remember.. )

well, there's more.. but I would not be so selfish to bore you guys to death reading about ME.. haha.. thanks for your patient ya.. (u might be a dreamer as well.. go take the test..)

Hmm.. all in all.. I really think that this test almost shows ME.. true.. compare with the other personality test I'd taken.. this is the has the most accurate explanations... most of the situations really similar.. hmm.. I had found the real me..


wenching & esiong said...

Hi, thanks for adding us to your link! We will be visiting your blog frequently! :)

Btw, I just took the test and found that I'm only 48% addicted to blogging! Thanks for sharing the tests!

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