Sunday, October 24, 2010


Know what?

Ever since I know how to read and write, I've always dream of being a writer. Not those dream you have when you sleep okay? ^^"

When I'm in school, I will often write short little stories. And I mean it.. really really SHORT. Maybe just a page or 2 or 3 long. Haha.. The storyline will mostly be my own fantasy. I write it out of interest and when I read them again years later, I found that those stories are really innocent, and stupid. *blush*

I would think of re-write it again but then, when I take up my pen, I couldn't start. Those stories are my childhood's work and I couldn't write the same thing again with correct grammar and etc. The style is different and thus, I did not alter them. Put them back into my cupboard and take out another notepad and start a different story.

However, all my stories are like essays we write while in school. Just 2-3 pages long. Nothing much to shout about. Therefore, I often wonder how does those people write and write and could publish it into a book? I could never do that. =.="

I read articles about how to write short stories/novels and I noticed that first, I have to know my storyline very well. And then, develop my characters. Then I know my problem. I know my storyline. I know my character. But they do not know me and therefore, my character couldn't communicate with me so my storyline could go on forever. They are stranger to me. They would just appear and say Hi, and then Bye and that's all.

This is sad.

I always wanted my story to be able to receive real critics but I do not even have any story for people to critic. Isn't it pathetic? I often wanted to do something, but after a night, I will lose my interest. This is really my weakness. Could I possibly amend it?

Like now.. while watching drama on PPS, I suddenly had the urge to blog..all because the character in the drama blogs. =.="""

This is terrible. I could be distracted very very easily. This is no good.

Maybe..Just maybe, one day, you would see my story somewhere.. in print!  ^.^


siawcheng@joanne ♥ said...

i cant wait to get autograph from u then..^^

Cassie the Missy said...

Lol.. so fast ar.. u wait to read 1st la.. haha..thanks for the support.. kaka..