Thursday, October 21, 2010

Random Note 1

Random Notes 1

  1. Everything you do seems sillier when you are alone than when you are with company. Especially in public spaces. Even little things such as sneezing might attract more attention when you are alone.
  2. When coming back from the outside, bath straight away to avoid freezing.
  3. When there is homework, all I want to do is just slack. When there is time to slack, all I want to do is to continue.
  4. Being in the company of the locals make me feel like a aborigines. 
  5. Thinking about my research and watching drama cannot be done together.
  6. I have eaten grapes continuously for at least 2 weeks.
  7. Shopping is more enjoyable if I can use what I bought. 
  8. Being in a university is a lot of fun, yet, sometimes I wonder why I wanted to come here.
  9. I want to go travelling around Europe but yet to find companions. I wonder if I can just go alone?
  10. I walk around the City site alone for 2 hours this afternoon, I feel freedom, yet, I am not completely satisfied. 


Min Kim said...

1) Walking alone tends to make you focus the surrounding more. You will stay more alert than before. Sometimes is normal for people to stare at you because you are easy to be looked at since you created a space hehe

2)outside damn cold huh ><

3)Agree agree. Slacking off is a norm lol

4) Apa tu, aborigines?

5)It can be done together if the topic of ur research is drama ;p

6)no watermelon?

7)hahaha awwww what said that?

8)Mixed feelings. Is normal too

9)Of course can!

10)2 hours O_O tak penat ke? hahaha

siawcheng@joanne ♥ said...

1) Being alone really looks sillier regardless of you being there alone or me being here alone coz I'm alone too. Even walking around the library alone makes me look lonely.

2) how nice if malaysia has that weather.
3) when there's exam, i tend to slack. lots more to read!!! =(
4) Mix with angmohs and u get an angmoh bf ... who knows...xD
5) thinking about my exam and watching drama at the same time is so wrong!!
6) I've eaten erm.... the grapes my aunt bought so not nice...=(
7) Shopping is more enjoyable if i have the money and if you are here!!!!! tho u tend to make me spend more.. xD Those you not using send back gif me..xD
8) You went there is to see angmohs!!! true angmohs that u cant see here... enjoy!!!!!!Don't forget the passion that you once shared with us on how much u wanted to be there..!!
9)Sponsor me~~ xD I'm trying my luck to get permission kay... but no high hopes!! Chances of failing quite high!
10) Don't be satisfied coz once you are satisfied, you won't do it anymore. =) *see from the positive side*


Cassie the Missy said...

LoL.. u two.. haha...

kimkim.. i also wan watermelon..but takkan i 1 person finish 1 watermelon kua? Lol..

SC.. the grapes here are absolutely delicious.. and crunchy.. you would be addicted.. haha..

and ya.. I will be reminding of myself why I wanted to come here..haha..

Min Kim said...

LOL when there's a will, there's a way. One watermelon, you can finish it up HAHAHAHAHA

Cassie the Missy said...

haha... i also think i can finish it.. but i dunno how to cut leh.. haha

siawcheng@joanne ♥ said...

cut according to logic..xD how u cut also stil can eat one..if not bcome watermelon juice...xDDDD

Cassie the Missy said...

logic ar.. next time u cut for me see.. haha