Sunday, October 31, 2010

Books that I'm reading

Since arriving in the UK, I have not read much fictions. Only The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffengger which I brought with me from Malaysia. I did not spent a lot of time reading as I spent all my free time watching PPS.. Plead guilty. 

The Time Traveler's Wife

Anyway, since I'm reaching the end of the book, I plan to buy a few more. Suddenly, I just feel like reading. Don't get me wrong. For my assignment, I need to read a lot. But they are all academic, and it's tiring me out. I need some fictions. Haha..

So when I passed by WHsmith yesterday, I went inside to have a look and when I saw ALLLL those books, I nearly faint.. with craziness! I miss MPH so much. I did not realised how much I miss my fictions until I met them all. 

In the end, after browsing and browsing and looking at the cover for the prices which fit me, I choose her. 

You are the One I don't want by Alexandra Potter. I just love her stories. I have read almost all her novels and imagine me when I saw this new title which I have not read. @_@

Her fictions are really romantic and fantastic. I'm not giving a review here as I could go on and on and spoil the surprise. Go to the bookstore and look up on her books. It's worth reading.

You are the One that I don't want

PS. I have ordered another 2 fictions from and I found that it is so much cheaper to order on9 then to buy in bookstore. Since I'm in UK, I get free shipping. Haha.. Isn't it great? I will be bankrupt-ing soon.. =.="

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