Monday, November 1, 2010

Something I notice - humanity

It had been 37 days.

One thing I noticed at UK, is that there are many wheelchair and other support for the elderly to go on with their daily routine.

In Malaysia, you don't really see much disabled people around except on the ground middle of a pasar malam, well, you get what I mean. Disabled people in Malaysia often seen as somewhat pity. They do not wear nice clothes nor do they work or study like us. Maybe some do but how many?

In UK, every building has an entrance for wheelchair, complete with automatic door, elevator and ramp. Inside building, the design was included with their flexibility concern and toilets are ready for them as well. Even my student accommodation have a block for them complete with elevator. Isn't that nice?

Therefore, with so many facilities for them, disabled in UK live like normal people. They go for work, they study, they shop and they eat at restaurants. You can see them with their wheelchair and sometime their caretaker (which often is part-time student) wheezing pass you to Tesco. They wear nice and beautiful clothes, in style, warm and comfortable in their wheelchair and go for shopping. In Uni, they are like normal students, laughing and chatting and stressing about assignments.

Disabled aside, even elderly people are equipped with mobile transport very similar to the combination of scooter + motorbike..

They might be easily tired by walking so this is their transport. Instead of walking they ride in this thingy and go shopping for grocery inside Tesco. Yup, this vehicle can be used inside the building. Isn't that humanity?

Therefore, you can see a lot of elderly people and disabled people around everywhere doing their normal routine without any trouble. Which I think, why they are able to lead a normal life. Facilities are provided and the culture adapts to them. It's really great.

If Malaysia could have something like this, disabled people wouldn't need charity, or rather, beg.

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