Sunday, November 14, 2010

13th November 2010 - Saturday

This entry is all dedicated to the stuff I did on that Saturday. I thought I would write a post on what I would be doing during my weekend/free time. 

But this Saturday is a bit special..or rather, a little different. Cause the night before, I drank Cider for the 1st time, in my entire life, and getting pink pink face and a hot cheek. With a terrible terrible terrible headache in the middle of the night. Gosh! I don't know why people like alcohol so much. Don't it make their head throbbing like mad? It made mine like it's going to burst anytime. That night is so terrible. Luckily in the morning when I woke, I feel better. I shudder thinking of the night. Really pain you know! (FYI, I did not even drank the whole tin of cider, just half only...) 

This is the culprit that make my head pain until crazy 

My 1st tin of alcohol drink.. 

Well, this pear cider doesn't taste very bad actually. I don't taste the bitterness of the alcohol and it's not really sweet. So I quite like this drink. But since it's making my head so damn pain, I will give it another thought whether to drink or not.

Waking up in the morning, still a bit dreary from the terrible headache few hours ago, I suddenly had the urge to draw something. I grab some pens and my sticky pad and draw the image from my water bottle. Haha.. and I sure have fun drawing it.

My little sketch in the morning

After a weird start, I on my laptop and go on Skype to see whether my family is free to chat or not. This is basically what I do every morning..the Skype part okay.. not the sketch.. Haha..

My 2nd box of cereal. My previous cereal, it took about 40 days to finish. =.="

People who knows me knows that I don't take breakfast before going for class or work. But coming here, I am a bit curious about their cereal and so I tried them. Luckily for me, I found that the milk does not have any 'milk' taste so I can enjoy my cereal. Haha.. But it's only once a while.. not everyday. I couldn't take cereal everyday. So sometime, I go without breakfast.

This Saturday, I try the new cereal that I just bought. It's cocoa and quite ok. I think I prefer my previous cereal, the Honey cornflakes.. it's sweeter and make the milk sweet. This doesn't add any taste to the milk. haha..
My beloved laptop

While eating my meals, how could I not have my laptop on with PPS on? All my meals is accompanied by either a book or this PPS and more often it is PPS. Currently I'm watching 老公万岁. ^_^

The Orange arrow show the drama.

The Pink arrow show the sweets I bought. Various types of mint sweets.. very nice.. and mind you, the sweets here are big in size. Put it inside your mouth and it would double the size of your cheek. Haha..

The Green arrow shows that beside taking just grapes everyday, I do occasionally get some prunes also. This prune not very sweet though.

The Blue arrow show my recent craft. The love love thingy.. Can look at it clearer in my facebook. Haha

Deserts after meal

After each meal, I would have some fruits, more accurately, some grapes. No exception for breakfast.

This is my 1st ever pair of NIKE sport shoes

I'm really in love with this NIKE sport shoe, it's so comfortable and what I love about it is, the Colour of the shoes! ^_^

However, if want to be more trendy and look smarter, this sport shoe is a no-no. A boots will be a better choice. Therefore, I get 2 pairs of boots but I found that if I want comfort, I would have to abandon the boots.. haha.. remember the saying 爱美不要命。。

My 1st pair of boots. Nice to see Nice to hold, Not really nice to wear though. The sole is too thin so after walk a while will start to feel the pain.. Haha..But when I'm wearing leggings, I would surely 爱美不要命

This one is my favourite. Only £19.90 but the quality really not bad. However, wearing this really 100% 爱美不要命. As you all know, I sucks at wearing high heels.. and this pair of heels really can kill me.. Haha.. I tried wearing this to French class. Walking to class, I can feel myself muttering "please don't fall" again and again for the 30mins. Normally, I would need about 15-20mins walk to class, and with this pair of 'angels' I walk for about 30mins. In class, 2 hours. Walk back, another 30mins. Altogether, I have wear them for 3 hours, and when I'm back at my room, I collapsed on my bed with a sore feet. =.="

Ok, I digress. 

Back to my Saturday activity, after a chat with my mom, I decided to cook something nice to eat. 

This is the living room + kitchen share by 5 people. Quite spacious. 

The kitchen part. Quite well-equipped actually. An oven, microwave, water boiler, cutlery, stove, fridge, lots of cupboards, sink, and preparation counter.

It's quite messy at times and I did my part to keep it clean everytime I finish cooking though. But sometimes, my flat mates don't.

This is often what happened after meals. It's not that they dun clean up but they leave it until overnight or 1 day, and then only clean them. Mind you, there isn't any of my stuff in the sink. Therefore, today, since I'm going to use a lot of stuff and these dirty plates are blocking my way, I decided to be an angel and clean them all. Which is not the 1st time already.. =.=

This is the large fridge. All full of things of 5 people. The top part is all shared.. we all dump our things everywhere.. which I suppose isn't a good idea. I always tend to forget what I have in the fridge cause there's too many other people things there and sometimes, they move my items in order to make way for theirs.. The freezer part is better. At least we each have our own compartments and I can dump things inside without worrying whether I will forget about them or not. FYI, at the top part, my items doesn't even claim 10% of the whole space... =.=

This is my part of the cupboard. Pack full of things as well. Haha..I have to be careful when opening the door as things will drop. ^^" 

This is another part of the cupboard that I manage to reserve. This is where I put all the cooking stuff.. 

Alright, let's start cooking already.. I'm crapping a lot here.. Haha..

This is the mess of the counter while I'm preparing to cook.. Don't worry, I will clear them up! ^^

This is the stove and over at the bottom. Quite convenient!

The pot and pan I bought them as I feel more comfortable using my own things.. Haha..

This is the little corner where I prepare to cook. All my stuff's out! 

Peel some onions and defrost some frosted prawns

Thought of dicing some garlics as well for more flavours, but I'm really lazy.. No..really.. cause the knife here is blunt and I couldn't find any knife sharpener around.. so, forget about it.. haha

The meal of the day is MeeHoon Goreng

Yup! This packet is Buatan Malaysia. Bought from a local store operate by Malaysian. Funnily, I never tried this back home.. ahaha..

My mee hoon

My chicken well marinated with sesame oil, sugar and some salt

Time to grill my chicken

Put some oil and throw them in and start avoiding all the splashes of oil. I keep my distance. Haha

This is my beloved flavouring. I use the pepper almost for all types of food..haha.. salt..rarely. 

BTW, that's my rice cooker behind them. It doesn't really cook well though..maybe I still haven't figure it out..

Done chicken
 To keep the story short, I've grilled them about 20mins and finally decided that they are cooked! Scooped them up to my plate. Pink! ^_^

Now, to get started on the Mee Hoon

First, heat some oil in the pan, then dump the onions and sauté it until it turn brown. Then throw in the prawns and cook it until they are, well, cooked. Then, put in the packet of sauce, and add in some water. Sauté them until they are boiled and throw in the meehoon. Stir them until they are even and cook a while more. Taste them to see whether you need salt or not.

Done meal!

My mee hoon with prawn

My grilled chicken

 Sounds simple hor?

But imagine the work to be done before and after.. the after is more terrible. I hate washing dishes!

Anyway, at first, I plan to have the meehoon for 2 meals, lunch and dinner. However, after they are cooked, I don't think they are enough for 2, so I ate them all for lunch. Hahaahah..

Mind you, I leave 2 chicken for dinner k..

So, my dinner is maggi mee with chicken. Quite ok also lor..

After that cooking session, I spent the rest of the time watching PPS and FB-ing. Time flies and it's dinner time. Not really hungry so ignore the time and continue watching. Eating grapes and watching drama. Been sitting on the chair for hours. Haha..

My workstation

Therefore, it is there and then that I decided that I have to get some activities soon or I will watch drama until...

So I decided to go photo-shooting the next day. Shoot something nice, just walk around. After deciding that, I went for my dinner. Then PPS again. Bath and then PPS again until Mr Chow 公 called me.


ps. Stay tuned for updates on my photo-shooting session around Nottingham on Sunday!


Dino-chan said...

Are you promoting your place?
Or promotng your cooking skill?

The chicken looks delicious. Is mouth watering. O____O Now now now, dun say you are not really good in cooking ar, is the effort that counts ;)

4.5% alcohol ? LOL I 3% also beh tahan, not pink face. As for me, is red like tomato LOL!!!! In short, you geng than me 1 more percent XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

HOLY F***~ the fridge macam two cabinets combine together. Doesn't look like fridge at all! But hey, is good since it can help you to store things ;) ~

One more thing, did we add each other in Skype? T_T

Cassie the Missy said...

promoting my daily life.. haha

of coz I edited the pix a bit in photoshop to make it mouth-watering.. haha..thanks ya!

that's the 1st alcohol i really take.. so not geng lo.. XD

LoL.. the fridge is big but still not enough.. haha..

skype ar..not sure wor

siawcheng@joanne ♥ said...

hahahahhaha.... u all should practice more to increase ur alcohol tolerance level.... xDDDDD AHHHHHH~ THOSE BOOTS ARE PRETTTTTTY!!!! Here cannot wear one....=(

The chicken looks good!!! and i like that cereal tooo...xDD

Cassie the Missy said...

haha.. i come back u train my tolerance la.. u be my sifu, driver and banker. muaks!

boots are pretty.. i agree.. but in KL I also got see some ppl wear wor.. actually can wear also la.. since it's similar to sports shoes.. somemore, we everyday also inside air-cond place, wear boots also ok.. go buy 1 and wear and take pix for me to see.. haha