Saturday, November 6, 2010

Random Note 2


  1. I wanted to advertise my other blogs more to you all out there. Go and look at Cassie's Photography and TheTweenieWeenie which I also update randomly. 
  2. Today I decided to lug along my heavy camera with me when I go shopping and I did not regret it as today weather is perfect, eventhough it is a bit colder than few days ago.
  3. This whole week I have walked so much that my feet hurts.
  4. I wanted to play the piano yesterday so I go to Uni a little early only to find there's already someone there playing, which left me stranded alone in the big Uni with nothing to do.
  5. I bought a packet of apples today (7 in total) and I just threw the last 2 green apples which I bought the 3rd day I'm in Nottingham (it's my 42th day here..)
  6. I make dinner earlier than usual today as my flat mates mentioned that she will have some friends over for a small party but they are still not here yet (it's 8.30pm).
  7. I wanted very much to go travelling to other place besides Nottingham but I still haven't got the chance.
  8. I went to look for a craft shop I saw in brochure but turn back after walking for 20min with my iPhone google map, cause it is a little too far and I'm afraid since there's not much people around and I'm alone.
  9. I bought some books at for the 1st time and really happy cause it cost me half the price and without delivery charges since I'm in UK.
  10. I think I have been overspending. I need to control a bit. Btw, I get a £15 for Tesco for attending a focus group for International students at NTU. I got extra £15 to spend at Tesco! ^_^ 

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