Monday, October 11, 2010

Google translator is the best!

"So far in August, a lot of things happen, there is music, an evil, pregnant, in their hearts, just want to feel, do not want to say. "

I went to one of my favourite blog just now, (I will not reveal which but if you happened to read my blog.. I hope you don't mind me taking your words ya... ^_^) and she writes in chinese. I can read some and some words are hard. The words she choose to write is so difficult that I had no choice but ask Google to translate it for me. And this is one of the sentence I read which makes my eye goes BIG and ROUND...

I don't understand so I select to see the original words. And this is what she originally written..

"从八月至今,很多事情发生,有,有有喜,在心头,只想感觉,不想说出。 "

And I went

And then

And thus I plan to blog. 

It's really a wonderful translation. 

For those who doesn't understand, 有喜 in chinese means happiness and often when someone is pregnant, they will say 有喜 coz it's a happy occasion. I never know Google really translate that. Haha.. 

The correct translation of what she writes is suppose to be there is joy, there is sad, there is happiness. Ya ya.. I know joy and happy is suppose to be different, but in chinese writings it's a different expression. Haha.. Oh well, I'm not a qualified translator, I'm just translating what I understand. Haha..

Anyway, thumbs up to google. I thought Google often direct translate a word.. not expecting it to translate 有喜 into pregnant. Google is not wrong. It's too smart. ^_^

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