Friday, October 15, 2010

Water, Oh Water

Walking to Uni for class isn't as pleasant as you think. You would say "oh, the weather there so nice, walk also more comfortable lah~"

I would say you are too naive.

Try imagine yourself walking down the street, wearing a jacket complete with scarf and handbag over your shoulder, carrying a bunch of books from library that's due, along with the damn big A3 sketch book, a pink file, and a thick note book with pens dangling on it, while the COLD wind keep blowing at your face until you thought your face had drop on the ground and look for it only to notice it had gone freezing..

Then after 15mins, when you arrive at the building, and rush inside to the class which still need about 5mins walk away from the main building, and finally step into the room, sit down and pant. Starts to take off your jacket and scarf because you starts to feels hot after the rush. While getting back your breath, you feels thirsty. Turn to your bag and do a treasure hunt inside your bag for the 'gold'.

Your water.

Which is when you notice, due to this morning coldness and maddening rushing, you forgot to put that stupid water bottle which you had already fill up to the top into your already very heavy bag.

So, all the time during the class, you couldn't quench your thirst. In the beginning, you don't really feel very thirsty, but after you realise you did not have any water with you, you start to feel a bit thirsty. When you keep thinking why hadn't you be more careful you become MORE thirsty. Until the end of the class, you are practically DYING of thirst.

Then you realise the important of water.

We practically abusing our water. We don't ever notice how precious water it. Being in a country where water is always there, always clean and safe to drink, we don't notice how lucky we are. In the world, there are billions of other people who doesn't have this luxury. People drink water that are brown in colour. Those are water that are polluted. It contains virus and bacteria which could led to sickness.

This is a very important issues around the world. Water is a daily basic need. We can go without food for days, but we couldn't survive without water. We use water for almost everything. Imagine those places where the water are coloured. Imagine them using those water for their daily usage. Everyday, there would be children dying of unsafe water and unhygienic living lifestyle. They drink the 'coloured' water, they get sick, they got no one to cure them, they die.

Cleanliness of the water could be done. It might not be an overnight project but it could be improving from time to time. Eventhough you might not think we can help make a changes, we can.

Just by simply NOT throwing anything besides the nature into the SEA and RIVER, we could already applause ourselves. Small gestures do help. Don't waste water while washing your face. Don't waste water by playing with it. Don't throw waste into the sea. Couldn't we all do that?

Imagine us without water for an hour when we are thirsty, would you be willing to drink water which are 'coloured'?

Many people around the world drinks them everyday. They doesn't have a choice. Even then, those water do not come easily like us, with taps + filters. Women have to carry tons of water on their back and walk and walk and walk before reaching their house, providing water for her family. Not to mention that the water she brings back are polluted. Does she have a choice?

*This post is writen in conjunction with Blog Action Day 2010*


Min Kim said...

while reading this post, I got choked with the water T_______T

Cassie the Missy said...

LoL.. my post so hebat ar..make u choked.. ^^"