Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hong Kong Part 5 - Golden Bauhinia Square + Hong Kong Night scenary

Just a random pic of Chooi Fei while we are at Hong Kong. I can't resist myself posting this up. She sure going to kill me already.. LoL...

Anyway, this is the part 5 of my Hong Kong trip. This time it is about the Golden Bauhinia Square (金紫荊廣場) where the BIG BIG  golden 'flower' statue located. We reach there at night therefore, pictures are hard cause of limited lighting. But the night scene is definitely worth the troubles. I hope the next time I'm there I will have my DSLR together. Sure to get better pictures. Haha...

See the flower? The place Golden Bauhinia Square got the name from this statue. Care to know what is the statue name? Haha.. Bauhinia Blakeana is the name of it. LoL. Easy to understand? It's is actually a flower name. This flower is widely planted in Hong Kong since early 1900s. I guess the history part is not really interesting in this post though.. Maybe I will talk about it in another post. Haha..

There is soo many people walking and camwhoring around that flower that make it impossible for us to have a chance to camwhore as well.. But since we are there, it will be stupid if we did not take any.. Therefore, we just ignore the people and we start to snap snap snap!

See how both of them laughing? I'm not so sure what they laughing about as I'm busy with setting my camera brightness to capture the flower. Haha.. This is one of my test shot. ^.^

Finally after many trial and error we get the pix that we want! See how three of us have our choice of posting that reflex on our personalities?

This is one of the scenary across the sea. Beautiful view. I take countless shot and only get a few clear ones.. T.T"  And then the next day, I saw many of the scenaries in the shops.. Postcards..

FYI. I bought some. ^.^

After that, we plan to walk back and take the ferry. As we are walking along the harbour.. silent night.. so.. What else?

Camwhoring starts again!

See me?

See us???

Well, it's silent so of cause we don't waste the opportunity to snap as many night view as we can.. Haha..

After taking the ferry, we decided to have our dinner. At complex which I have again forgotten the name.. =.="  But nevermind though.. I have pretty photos... (I made a poor travel blogger...=.=" luckily I'm not...)

The scene which greeted us after coming out from the ferry. It is nearing a complex. But we did not walk in to shop as we are damm hungry and tired. Haha..


Delicious? This is great! If I'm not mistaken it should be chicken and rosted pork + lemon tea. Mind you, the lemon tea there is super yummy! Much much better than those we have in Malaysia. Haha..

After lunch, we walk back to our hotel in Mongkok. I'm still amazed with the night view of HongKong and keep snapping photos as I walked. It's amazing that I never bump into any lamp post of worst still.. slip and fall.. right infront of EVERYONE.... ^.^

On the way, we saw this so beautiful hotel. Lighted up so well that it catches the attention of many people. Well, that's cause there's so many people taking photos using this as background. Haha.. but we did not join in the fun, we are too tired to camwhore... furthermore, our camera couldn't do justice to our face in this kind of lighting....

Hong Kong is still busy at this hour. I guess it is right that the city never sleeps. Haha...

We take the MTR back to MongKok.. 


Can you see the photographer?!



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