Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Debussy Petite Suite No 4

Debussy's Petite Suite for four hands, No4. 

Debussy perform his Petite Suites on February 2. 1889, wayyyyyyyy before I exist. This composition consist of 4 movements and the video above is No.4, Ballet. His style of composition range from late-romanticism to early 20th century modern music. Petite Suite was composed for four hands by Debussy himself originally but Henri Busser later on rearrange the composition for orchestra.

Anyway, back to the video. Petite Suite is designed to entertain and brighten up the audience. Fun and simple melody throughout the music, it is a type of dance music. Debussy composed the music to be energetic and always on move. It makes me want to move around and be happy.

Doesn't it make you wanna dance? LoL..

Anyway, this video quality is not really good but I think you can still hear it. My review of the music is not very detail so you might not be able to get the full idea of it. However, just listen to it. It may cheer you up listening to a cheerful music.

Warning! Everything I write is just my stupid opinion. (>.<" it might not sounds as good as I said..)