Monday, July 12, 2010

Practice Practice Practice

That's how I spent my weekend.

Dedicated all my free time to practicing for the competition. However, I still sucks. Luckily, I enjoy playing the piano (for the time being), if not, I would be so depressed spending all my time infront of the piano. I wonder why does I play so badly? My fingers really.. stupid.

My teacher would always tell me to watch my hand shape. I try to. And when I watch my stupid fingers, my notes all went hay wire.. And I become even worse.

When people practice, they get better. When I practice, I stay the same. Maybe my method of practicing is totally wrong or I did not spend enough time to practice. Either way, I'm going to screw up during the competition if I did not get any better this week.

The competition date is out. We are playing on 21st July, 2010 at Parsons Music, Treasure World, Whampoa, Hung Hom, Kowloon.

Don't look at me. I don't understand the address as well. But according to the letter, we get to practice for 1 hour at another location on the 20th. So wish me luck guys..

Btw, the letter for the competition spell my name wrongly. I wonder if there's a problem. Hmm.. I point it out to the teacher and she says should be alright. I hope she's right. I don't want to meet any problem there nor do I want my name spell wrongly everywhere..

No photos for this post. As I am writing this note out of boredom. I just need to rant. Might post about my Disneyland trip later in the afternoon is I have the mood. Haha.. Until then~