Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why Nuffnang?

Yes. I have been serving Nuffnang for quite a long time already. Back then, I'm not so active in the blogging world, nor am I very active now. However, since working, I have an urge to blog so much. I guess this is only the place where I can completely be myself instead of being a good student/designer. When I gets tired of it, I can rant my heart out here, knowing that my dear blog would never avoid me.

Oh.. I've been away from my initial topic already. Ok..

Nuffnang ads. At first, I sign up for Nuffnang is because I wanted to earn some money while I'm a still a student. And I found that Nuffnang is actually very straight-forward and easy for me to manage and understand. Therefore, I've been a loyal nuffnang-er for about more than 2 years.

Nuffnang is a blog advertising community. Advertiser choose certain blogs to put their advertisement and aim to the loyal blog readers. As simple as that. When readers found some interesting advertisement and click for more, that's where I earn the money. See? Simple and straight-forward. Installing and registering for it is also very simple. But for years, I did not earn any money from Nuffnang.

1. My blog have very very little traffic.
2. No one click on my dear dear ads.

When no traffic come to my blog, Nuffnang did not assign any ads to me and my Nuffnang ads corner will be..

Like this

Instead of displaying beautiful advertisement, it became just the Nuffnang logo. How am I going to earn any money if there's no ads for people to click?

On the other hand, how can Nuffnang assign ads when there's no one coming to my blog?

This is really a major problem.

I have to generate more and more traffic to my blog from now on. Brush up on my writing skills, photography skills and humour skills.. ^O^


And another point I enjoy being a Nuffnang-er is because of this

Automatically I became an exclusive Nuffnanger if I do not have any other advertisement from SEA on my blog. This enables me to get more priority in ads and earn more from each clicks. It make me feel.. well, exclusive.

But, no matter how that exclusive status is, I am still not earning from these ads. I have a few amounts inside my account now, but it is still a long way until I reach the amount when I could cash out my earnings. And this is after more than 2 years serving Nuffnang. I started to feel like a fool. Saying I serve Nuffnang but not getting paid by them. It's not their fault but I can't help complaining.

Maybe I should really find a way to attract you readers to continue reading. Any suggestion of what interest you all? Leave me a comment as to how I can improve my post.

I know many 'famous' bloggers with few hundreds or even thousands loyal readers for everyday, proof read their post again and again and edit again and again before clicking the 'publish post' button. However, I did not proof read my post but click post right after I finish. Then only would I check my post and edit my mistake. And I don't spend hours drafting out a post. I am not going for professionalism and I did not aim my blog's post to be as well. All post is true from the bottom of my heart and reflex the true me. Which is what my blog is all about.

Should I change the way I write my post? Shouldn't I write according to what people like and not what I like?

PS. Since I have been blogging quite regularly these few weeks, Nuffnang had been putting up various advertisement on my blog. And everytime I saw an ad, I will be so happy. Thank you Nuffnang for making my day! (psstt...I'm not buttering Nuffnang.. nope! I'm not... >.<)

PSS. My preparation for the Kawai Piano Competition @ Hong Kong is STILL NOT DONE! I still couldn't play my part well enough. Have to practice more these few days. I flying to HK on Monday! On airasia again. I wonder when I am rich enough to fly with MAS. Maybe Nuffnang can help me.. *wink* *hint*

Wish me luck guys. Pray that I wouldn't make any stupid mistake on stage. Pray that I don't blank out due to nervousness..