Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Memorable London trip

Went to London for a short trip last week and the highlight of the trip have to be the BIG BEN!

Think of London and think of Big Ben.  ^^

Use 1 hour to put few snapshot together to make this long panorama.. ^^

We take the Underground tube to go to Westminster and once we reach the exit, the 1st building we see is this..House of Parliament!

It was really very very grand and seeing the Big Ben right in front of me, I'm damn excited.. Haha.. It's so beautiful and seeing something which we always see inside books or tv, and now we are seeing it real life.. I'm really speechless. Say me naive. Haha..


Luckily, the day was beautiful. With a touch of sunlight and blue sky or else, the picture wouldn't be as nice. And the best thing is it is not snowing or we can't take a lot of photos or even enjoy seeing the Big Ben.

I really can't get enough of this building and was reluctant to leave this place. However, we still have a few places on our list today.

The next stop is Buckingham Palace. Another attractive place. But too bad, the day we went doesn't have guards changing ceremony.. MUST go another time.. haha..

Before reaching this Buckingham Palace, we pass by a big park and it's another beautiful place..full of snow. We spent a lot a lot a lot of time here because the place is TOO beautiful.

See the beauty? 

I think it's because of the snow that make me feel so mesmerized.. if it is normal green I wouldn't be so crazy about it.. haha

Blue sky, white snow

I am a happy girl that day! ^^

I always wanted to sit or lie on the snow but since many people walking around, it seems so foolish...but I really can't resist.. haha

When I stand back up, I am all wet.. T_T

There are many many squirrels at the park, asking for peanut. If you held out your hand, they from a distant will smell that you don't have food and they will turn their back from you.. =.=" Realistic squirrels.. 

The park from another view.. 

Oh my gawd.. it's really very very very beautiful.. ^^

Next to the park is the Buckingham Palace.. 

Nothing much happening here as there's no changing of guards ceremony and the palace is tours.. so only can see from outside.. haha

Quite far from the palace as the grounds are closed. But it's still nice to be at London's landmark.. Haha.. At least now I can tell people I have been there.. ^^

Oh, I still haven't tell you about another important thing that make the day purrrfect!

At night, when we are having dinner, my friend suddenly said "why don't we just go to the theatre there and see whether still got tickets or not?"

She meant the musical, Phantom of the Opera! 


No plan at all, but we just go and 'zhong choi' and WE GOT THE TICKETS! Mind you.. it's £40 per person.. T_T  but really.. it's WORTH it if you LOVE the PHANTOM and MUSICAL... it's sooooo fantastic.. Best night I've spent in London.

We bought the tickets at 7.30pm and the show start at 7.30pm.. exciting hor? ^^"

Ps. btw, we ate Sushi that day as well..delicious.. Japan Centre at London. Must go again. Affordable and delicious. We bought some Japanese grocery there as well coz it's much cheaper than Nottingham.. haha..

All in all, my London trip had been a good one. At least I have seen most of London famous buildings.. I am satisfied! ^^ But I will be going there again.. I hope! ^^

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