Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's snowing again

It snow the for the 1st time in my life at Nottingham on 27th of November. Waking up and saw everything is white is really breathtaking. Straight away, I put on my jacket and grab my camera and run down to the door.. as if the snow will lost if I waited. Out of the door, shivering, I snap pictures of the snow all over the compound.. everything's white. Satisfied, I tried to touch the snow with my bare hand, and found that it is just like ice kacang. In my Facebook, I kept telling people that imagine yourself inside a big bowl of ice kacang.. haha..

Anyway, the whole week is full of snow, either snowing or not. The pavement became slippery and wet. Walking to class makes things worse as I admit, I did not prepare for the snow yet, in terms of shoes. Therefore, my shoes are slippery and I walk like a penguin learning to walk.. 15mins walk became 30mins walk. And that's not the worse. Worst of all, I slip and fell twice. Once, there's no one around and therefore, it's alright. The 2nd time, it's right infront of the Uni gate.. oh my gawddd........damn embarassing k..

I hope I wouldn't need to fall for the 3rd time.

It stop snowing for a week and the snow all melts and everything gone back normal.

However, the good time never last.

It is snowing NOW!

When I saw that it is snowing, it kinda lift my mood a little, but then when I think of the consequences, I get worried.

1st. I'm going London tomorrow evening. And if it kept snowing and disrupt the train service, then what am I going to do?

2nd. Since I will be in London for the next few days, I will be going for sight-seeing everywhere, which means lots of walking to do. I don't want to slip and fall RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE LONDON PEOPLE...

3rd. Since it will be snowing, it will be wet everywhere..

4th. Snowing means the temperature will go down..more..and more.....

5th. Snowing might cause some London attraction to close..

There.. 5 top consequences I can think of right now.

However, snowing means I'm in a different place. I'm experiencing something I wouldn't be able to right at Malaysia.

So, I've decided to enjoy the snow..


I've gone crazy.. I just notice...

Anyway, see you guys after I'm back from London. Hope for lots of photos ya.. ^^


siawcheng@joanne ♥ said...

SO FUN!!! GOING LONDON!!! TAKE MORE PICTURES!!!! =D Have fun and be careful~ =)

Jennifer said...

Waiting for ur updated news after back from London ya!!!