Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stupid me..

Now, I always realised that I couldn't live without Facebook. But today, I realised another thing!

I also couldn't live without MSN.  T_T

My hotmail account had been block due to stupid spammers so I need to verify my account before I can log in to MSN as well.. However, my so-clever-mind had led me to delete all the stupid spam messages, including the message by hotmail asking me to verify my account. So, without that email, I couldn't verify and I am lost. I send error message to their customer service.. twice..without any news.

So I endure a hardship yesterday. No able to communicate using MSN, I don't know where to contact people.. haha...

This morning, bright and early, my so-clever-mind suddenly remember that eventhough I had deleted the messages but it should still be left at the BIN..

So I quickly went there and search and true enough, the rubbish lady haven't come and throw the rubbish. So I rummaged through the bin and found my dear verification message. Fast fast recover that file and verify it.

Finally, I got back my account.


Stupid long process that should have been completed ages ago... I must be getting ancient.. T_T


Jennifer said...

it has been a long time my BIN does not hav either rubbish lady or man come and collect lo~~~

Cassie the Missy said...

ya ar? hotmail din hire them izzit.. or they all mogok adi.. wahahahha..

ZhenMeng said...

ahaha... kena block.. xDDD