Thursday, June 5, 2008

A super diper great service!

went to change my IC today.. hehe... my dad had been over me about this matter for many many months adi.. so today he purposely take leave and drag me over to JPN to renew my IC.. haha..

anyway.. tot will just need about 20-30 minutes..


ended up few hours..

this is due to erm.. according to them, is the wat their internal problem..

tat me and my dad IC have overdue.. swt.. which means.. when we went to change IC which is when we change address, they say that we still haven pay the fees.. swt..

and then, the ppl there today who check our IC, say..

'' apalah.. kalau belum jelaskan, tentu tak dapat IC.., apalah dia orang sedang buat.. aih..''

and she go on and on about this dunno who who did our IC and did not update our account.. haha

therefore, she had to telephone ppl there and wait for their response.. and this and tat..

so she say, '' balik la dulu.. kalau sudah boleh, nanti saya telepon u.''

so kind.. she really so good and patient.. help us do evrything..

and then about 2 hours later, she really called

''mr XXX ?, IC kamu sudah boleh, nanti datang ke kaunter saya siapkan..''

sooooo great service!!!

thanks to her, we successfully did change our IC.. after many troubles she went through i suppose.. haha..

anyway.. i wonder what happened to my dad and mine IC.. coz my whole family went together to change.. but oni ours got problem..


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