Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dumpling eating day!

alright.. dumpling festival is here again..

and me, same as i guess, everyone else reading this, eat dumplings!!!


hmm.. dumpling festival to me since i know what's a dumpling, means EATING DELICIOUS DUMPLING!


anyway.. i now know that dumpling festival was held to honour a loyal officer and poet, QU YUAN and it falls on every year 5th day of the 5th Lunar calender..

hmm.. let's see..

this Qu Yuan was a very loyal officer in the court of Chu Kingdom in China then.. but you know.. as always happened to all loyal and great people, people get jealous of this hero and thus plotted against him which causes the king not to rely on Qu Yuan's wise advises and thus kicked him out of court..

then.. Qin Kingdom invades the kingdom which causes many hardship to the people then for about 20 years..

loyal ex-officer Qu Yuan was depressed and sad seeing his beloved country slowly destructing.. due to uncapable officers and ..

therefore, to show his protest of the corruption and injustice.. he decided to throw himself into the river.. it is his noble act of showing his loyalty to the country..

the people who heard of this sad incident was deeply disturb..
they love and respect Qu Yuan for his great and kind action towards the country

the people started to use boats to search for Qu Yuan body.. fishermen beats the drum as loud as they could and make all sort of noise while beating their paddle hard into the water just to scare fishes away..

villagers throw rice wrapped in bamboo leaves so that the fishes will devour the rice instead of their hero, Qu Yuan's body..

and there started the DUMPLING FESTIVAL in order for the people to remember the great hero Qu Yuan one generations after another..

which then leads to us.. today have these delicious dumpling to eat.. haha...
guess u guys all know what's in a rice dumpling.. haha.. lazy to explain..


before eating, take a beautiful picture 1st..

opened up dumpling..

preparing to put in my mouth!!!!!

before signing out.. have to say bye for a few days as i am GOING TO REDANG!!!!!!!!!!


my holidays!!!!!!

don't miss me ya..!!

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