Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pictures time..

suddenly feel lik posting some pictures..

dunno wat came over me..

anyway.. just ignore this post if u think i am crazy..

haha.. (well, tat's wat everyone told me! :P)

Pavillion Tour 2008.. hehe

Lunch at Pavillion.. forgot the name.. but it's the sushi restaurant.. haha

full adi so take pix!

*hee hee*

Four of us now so seldom together adi.. *sob

Sunway with Hooi Ling, Guat Peng early this year..

Sunway... nice looking decorations!!!

Me & Guat


Threesome!!! miss the time we spent together!

A violinist performing.. cool.. many ppl take pix of him also.. but dunno who is he also., haha..*bad

Yien Ying's Birthday at Seoul Garden


Sushi Zanmai and the cupcakes.. haha..

The cup! *hehe

The chopstick *hoho

* remember to take the cup and chopstick pix but din take pix of food.. swt

And the infamous cupcakes which was promoted all over KBU for the last few weeks.. hehe.. good job!


Genting trip during Chinese New Year!


Perasan betul -;-

Smile again!!

A big big big family of tortoise or izzit turtles..?


* uh-ah-hem excuse me..

*don't i look cute???

My babies...


ps.. going midvalley.. hehe... bye!

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