Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

It's finally year 2010!!

I still can't believe we have leave 2009 behind and shaking hands with 2010. We have get to know 2009 for a year, and now we have to leave her behind. I guess 2009 is hoping we won't forget her and the memories we shared.

Anyway, I am sure 2009 will not be forgotten as there are many happy memories that we shared. And 2010 will be a greater friends as each friends have different characteristic. Now we are still shaking hands and getting to know each other. In a week, we will become bosom buddies. ^^

Therefore, let's make good buddies with 2010 and hope that we will shared super great happy memory!

Happy New Year EVERYONE!!!!

Welcome to earth 2010!! It's a pleasure meeting you!

And 2009, it has been a great moment to be with you. We would not forget you! ^^


otata said...


is late but


;D Happy always ok?

I next week starts intern lu. My counselor helped me find the job.

Cassie the Missy said...

wun late wun late! haha.. SO happy to see ur msg! ^^

Btw, congrats on finding an intern.. must tell me about it wor!! o.o