Wednesday, November 21, 2007


hmm.. for the past week.. so much things had happened.. haha..

well, there's good, there's bad..

that's for sure..

coz, that's what we called LIFE..



anyway, 1st thing 1st..

thanks for u guys support over my previous post.. really appreciate it.. *muaks!*


so, if anyone is wondering, i manage to blrup* out 2 models.. which I have no confidence at all.. but the tutor seems quite convince.. and I am in quite a pleasant mood..


I found out that the tutor was convinced in everyone concept and idea as well..


and then I began to worry.. haha.. things that goes so smoothly in tutorial might not be that good as you think.. just wait until presentation time.. haha..


then, some other thoughts..

I love BOOKS!

yep.. when books are in front of me, I can't resist the urge to just go and grab it..

One of my favourite fantasy is to have a room that I can design it to be my personal den complete with book shelves.. which are of coz.. full of BOOKS!!!

well, everyone got different interest.. some may love jewellery, some computers, other handphone, and also maybe clothes and accessories.. and me.. I love books!

not to say I don't like other things..

but when you put one rm100 clothes/bags/jewellery/accessories/etc.... and 1 rm100 BOOK in front of me.. guess which will I buy..

yup.. the Book!

coz that's my fav!

Some ppl say that I have a lot of money la.. sure can buy la.. they say they no money.. cannot buy.. and then just turn around and go and buy clothes.. *swt..

coz they love clothes! and I love books!

Then just why must it be that I have lots of money to spend on books and not say you have lots of money to spend on clothes?

I just don't get it.. WHY in the world is buying books means that I am wealthy? You guys spend money as well, you just don't spend it on books.. that's the only difference.. you may spend it on your favourite item as well.. so, does that make you wealthy as well? DOES IT???????????

Frankly speaking.. if buying a book mean to eat lesser for sometimes, I guess I will still buy it coz the book is just too tempting.. haha.. crazy feller..

This maybe coz buying a book give me the satisfaction that I can't get else where.. just the same as you spend ur precious money on something you love so much..

anyway, it's just some thought I can't understand.. I do have my worries about money.. Just don't think that I have all the money in the world when I buy more books than you do..

maybe next time I should just go buy books alone.. (if ever I can go alone..)


hmm.. going to meet up with 2 of my precious and most treasure primary schoolmates in friday.. ! (guess where? the place I went almost everyweek.. 1U la of coz.. haha..)

so long time never meet them.. haha.. a little worried also.. coz so long never meet sure will not really recognise and not that close already.. and may also have some communication problem.. coz during my primary we speak almost 90% english.. and then, just when I enter secondary.. almost 90% cantonese.. haha.. therefore.. hmm.. better brush up my speaking skills..(but can I do it in 1 day? '_' )



foong wai said...

i love books too! yay!! went to kinokunya and pageone, practically drooled at every shelf of books there. wish i have enuf money to buy the whole store, stop studying, and then slowly read the books. hahahah fat chance of that happening tho. T____T

Cassie the Missy said...

cool idea dude.. haha