Friday, November 23, 2007

A little happy..

Just feel like expressing my feeling right now..

coz the few days ago, I just feel so stress and worried..

of what???

of coz the Models la..

just today, I went with Hooi Ling to college.. and see Ms. Chua..

at first I just feel so worried.. but after talking to her.. I feel so light hearted!!!!! yea! doesn't waste my energy making the model until 3am this morning..


and then, today went out with my primary school friends.. they are still the same.. haha.. cheerful and talkative..

however, they are so slim now.. T_T

I also have to work hard to take off all those FAT!!!!!


sory ya.. these few post seems a little boring.. but I just need a place to let out my feeling.. as I'm feeling a little tight these days.. thanks for bearing with my annoying complain and thoughts.. haha.. promised u guys I will blog about something interesting in a few days time.. haha..

1 comment:

johnny said...

be happy.
everything will have solutions