Monday, January 24, 2011

+ Picture - words

When browsing through my blog, I noticed that I had written lots of words recently. Where has all the photos go????? Hmm.. I think it is time to post some pix. Let's see...

Some random photos ahead~

Taken at Chrismas when the sky is so beautiful 

My handmade pen holder - from toilet roll.. ^^ 

1st turtl-neck shirt from ZARA - £9.99 (I wouldn't buy in Malaysia)

Cubee Craft craze..

Fruits I love

Cherries..1st time eat fresh cherry! XD


And oranges..good! 

Oh.. this bottle was being thrown in the park. Stupid drunker.. Anyway, when I'm trying to take an angle to snap this bottle, a crouch down on the ground and my camera nearly touching the grass. And a old man walk by and saw me in this weird position. He ask me whether there's anything interesting in the grass. He thought I saw some rare insect or plant or whatever-he-expected. When I told him it is that bottle far away, he laugh. =,=" 

For more photos, take a look at here

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siawcheng@joanne ♥ said...

hahahahah!! that's so malu!!!! xDDD