Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Piano room or no?

It's very random. I just feel like writing something. BUT! I don't know what. T_T

I suddenly wanted to play piano a lot. I'm not sure why. When I have my piano with me, I don't seem to find it so.. attractive. I mean, of course I love my piano. What's not to love about it?

BRAND NEW PETROF upright.. dark brown in colour with a little hint of reddish.. glossy finish.

Touch is SUPER nice.. with GREAT sounds..

Omg.. now that I mentioned it, I do miss it.. T_T

Right, back to where I left. I just realised that ever since I learn the piano, I had not been away from my piano for more than 1 week. Even during my Year 3 where I have those stupid deadlines to rush when I stay awake rendering and cutting model boards for 2 night straight.. I still find the time to touch my piano, in order to stay awake and release tension. Now.. I can't even find a good place for me to play the piano. And it has already going into the fourth month..

I found 1 piano on the corridor of Bonington but, CORRIDOR! Everyone walks by and my lousy playing can be heard everywhere! Imagine the horror of it. I tried playing there a few times but I can't relax. Furthermore, the free time I have to play always seem to clashed with another guy. Who always get there before me. He plays SUPERBLY!!!!!! I heard him play the Bach prelude and fugue.. fingers flying like hell. And then he played Chopin. Notes follow notes. It's one of the pieces which I TRIED playing before and haven't succeed. Damn no good to play at that place. Where everyone had been accustom to hearing the finest music. How can I hurt their ears by mine?

Then, I went to Clifton. To go there, I need to take the bus. Paid £3.20 for a return trip. Imagine..That amount just to play on the piano. Alright, don't get started on the money thingy. Anyway, today is my first time to Clifton campus and I sort of.. get lost inside the campus. I reach the main building, which is the George Elliot building and ask the reception there for the piano rooms. He told me to wait for 5 mins. I wait. 15mins passed. Then this guy, grab his bag and coat and walk out of the door. I stared at him. He saw me and say, "I'm going back now, but my relief will be here in a minute. He'll take you there." @_@

So I continue to wait. I have to be back to the City campus by 4pm as I have another class at 5pm, and it's already 2pm. How long can I play on the piano if I continue to wait like this? And don't forget about the bus fare. ^^" Another 15mins passed and finally the relief came. And he take me through a  passage and reach the doors. He tried to open it, failed. Tried another. To no avail. Then, he proceeded to take me through ANOTHER long passage.. it's a bit like a dungeon to me because it is dark (I'm not sure why the lights are not all on..) and there's no one and no sound all through the corridors. The doors are old and closed. I guess no one ever ask him for the piano rooms because he seems lost as well. =.="

Finally, he used his walkie-talkie and ask his colleague where in the world is this piano rooms and his colleague guide him correctly. Finally, we are there. But it's damn eerie I tell you. Lighting is dim and no one's there. The piano is quite old and the room is bare.. He then leave me there, but not before I ask him how in the world am I suppose to get out from there..=.="""

Luckily there's just an emergency exit at the end of the corridor not far from the room. That's the door he's trying to open earlier but fail.. haha.. So that means I only can exit. What about another time? When I want to get back to this room? I don't think I remember how to get to this room after all the routes he take me through.. T_T

So I open the piano and start playing. But not before knocking on the wall to see whether it is board or brick. It's brick. So that's better. Haha..

Finally, I settle down and practice my pieces for about an hour +. After that, I thought I would like to explore the passages and see which way I came from. I tried to go through a door.. and that leads to another empty passage with doors.. without anyone. I started to feel more eerie, I decided to just leave this place. Haha..

I'm not sure I dare to go to this place again though.. but the idea of having a room with piano to myself is very tempting..hehe

So, what should I do the next time I want to play again? Which place should I opt for? Vote for me please..


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Nottingham Trent University said...


We saw your post about you wanting to find a piano on campus that you can play.

The University's Director of Music - Matthew Hopkins - would be really happy to hear from you if you'd like to learn more about music at NTU and how you might be able to more easily find a piano.

You can email Matthew at matthew.hopkins@ntu.ac.uk and he'll be happy to help.

Hope you're enjoying your time with us here in the UK and good luck with all your studies over the coming weeks.

Nottingham Trent University