Thursday, January 20, 2011

My English

Writing is the best way to release stress. No, I am not kidding. According to some research done, (I'm not going into these boring bits) creative writing does help to reduce stress. When you are feeling very tight in mood, feeling angry or feeling sad, and there is no one to talk to, try writing. It is not necessarily to be grammatically correct nor must it sounds like Shakespeare. Just write down your current emotion or anything that pops up in your mind. For example, if you are angry, take a piece of paper, or rather, open up Microsoft Word and start typing. Write down why do you feel so angry. Note down the details. How it happened, who is the one that caused the argument, why did it happened, what do you plan to do.. And all the others things that you want. Then, either save it or delete it. Some might say delete. By pressing delete, it will be like throwing all your bad mood away, to the dark hole wherever it is. Save it and you will remind yourself why that happened and how to avoid it next time. It is entirely up to individual. However, I am sure after writing about it, you will slowly forget about it. If it still sting, continue writing. Slowly, you will calm down and see the positive side. 

I am sure no one hates writing. Some might hate it because they doesn't want to write in English. If they were allowed to write in the language they love and confident, then, everyone will write. This, I noticed in my friends who were highly educated in the Chinese language. Me? I can't write in Chinese. (pity me~) When they are required to write in English, they groan and struggle. But it is not because they hate writing, it is the language. Try asking them to write in Chinese, they will complete it before you can say MaMaMia! 

Language is always a barrier. I always think so. I did not received any Chinese language education so I am a banana. (You know, I know what is a banana, if you don't, google B-A-N-A-N-A) The only language I can write in is English and Malay. I don't use Malay very often and since I graduated from high school, I don't remember writing any Malay sentences.. (My bad) All I write in is only English. People tell me that my English is good, but ask any of the experts in English and they will tell you I am only an amateur. It is only I write proper English sentences because that is the only language I can use to communicate when writing and reading. How else would I write and read? I read English fictions. I write blogs in English. I speak English when people speak Mandarin. This had happened ever since I learn the ABC. Sometimes, I will think, if I don't have English with me, I have nothing. Unlike some of my friends, without English, they have their Chinese. Me. Without English, I will never survived. However, my English isn't that good as you think it is. I cannot differentiate between verb, noun, or adverb. All I know is Adjectives. Weird? 


That is because I did not learn the English the way some people learned it. I don't learn it by learning noun and verb. Or add 'something' behind the noun or whatever it is. I don't have the formula to write sentences. I learn the English by reading since I am 5. I read Tom and Kate. Words by words. Few years later, I read famous five, Malory Towers, etc. Few more years, I read Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, Sherlock Holmes. I never bother about the grammars rules because they never bother me. I know how to form sentences and get the grammar right. I might sound arrogant here. But all I'm trying to say is, I know that the grammar is right because it sounded right to be. But a good teacher will tell you, it sounded right because of the-don't-know-what-noun-or-verb-follow-by-adverb-and-blah-blah-blah. I can never tell you that. 

I have langugage support class here in NTU which all International Students are require to attend. I find that these classes are interesting partly because I don't need to rack my brain to answer questions. It flows smoothly. Until.. the faithful day~

It was Wednesday as usual. Class starts at 11am. I walk into the class and sit down and start chatting with another girl happily. And then, our lecturer comes in and we all settle down. She pass out the papers as usual and I start to go =.="

We are given a Noun or a Verb and then we need to fill in the adverb and adjective, and vice versa. This is a problem I can't solve. First of all, what is an adverb? 

These words are all very familiar to me and I use it everyday. However, to classified them into different categories, is a hell for me. I can't bring them back to their respective home. I'm so sorry dear Words..

I am sorry but I may sound very arrogant in this post to some people. And I might also not get my sentences 'grammatically' correct at all. So, if you have a problem, ignore this post. Because it is my right to express myself anyway I like. 

Thank You. 

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