Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 5 of 2011

It's already the 5th day into 2011 and I still haven't done anything to shout about.. Wondering how fast time had pass..(I'm always complaining time pass fast right?  =.="). Anyway, recently, I had a craze..and I really meant it, a sudden craze to snap photos. It's not a problem right? I have my DSLR and I can just go and grab it and *click* *snap* done!

But, the big problem is, I'm not inspired by any subject, or object, literally. I went with my camera all over the Market Square, to the Victoria Centre (nearby shopping centre and my spending hell literally..), to just any roads, but I can't seem to snap any picture that I like. It seems to me, so, normal. Therefore, I bought some photography magazines and read them and look at those photos taken and it seems so beautiful to me. Maybe I just need to take the 'normal' scene from another point of view? I'm not sure. Suddenly I feel quite lost and I just hold my DSLR without knowing what to do with it. I just want to take photos but each of them became similar after sometime. I started to feel discourage.

I thought I would go to the nearby park to snap some grass picture and sky picture, but, luck isn't with me. When I wake up this morning and pull apart my curtain, I saw raindrops. T_T


There goes my mood for the day.

Later in the evening, I take my DSLR to the kitchen and put it on the tripod and try to snap some photos of a grape and an orange. But I guess today just isn't the day to play photography. Those photos either turn out too bright or too dark, or too blur or just couldn't get what I want.

Maybe I should just creep back inside my bed on a day like this instead of fumbling here and there.


Goodnight friends.. Early night in today..

ps. Maybe some yoga before creeping into the warm blanket? hmm..~~

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