Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Different Birthday Style

Today is January 8th, 2011. My Birthday. ^^

The usual celebration will include me and my close friends having a small dinner or lunch together. This time however, I'm without their presence, with me alone in the UK. But! I know I have a bunch of great friends when I received their presents through mail on the 7th. ^^

FedEx mail

Instead of the usual celebration and cake, they sent me a card, a cake card to be exact, and a video. The video contains compilation of photos that we haven't taken together over the years and their personal messages to me. I was so touched. These are my best friends. Whom I really appreciate and feel glad to have known them. It really warms my heart and put a smile on my face, plastered whole day, till now. ^^

The card + Cake 

The heart-shape necklace

Oh, and besides the usual celebration with friends, I would also have a simple but happy dinner with my family. So, this year, they couldn't possibly sent any dinner to me but they have bought me presents to make me happy. ^^ It's all at home waiting for me.. It make me feel remembered and not left out. ^^

This year, according to SiawCheng, I should enjoy it the UK-style, which I wonder how it is. Haha.. Anyway, I spent the day with Fiola (a friend from Hong Kong), and we went to see the Windmill at Nottingham. It's our first time there and we are so lucky! Today skies are SO blue and with a BRIGHT sun shinning at us. Making our photos so perfect. However, the worst part is the wind. It is so damn windy today that my hair goes hocus pocus... =.="

The view in-front of the Windmill

It's my 1st time seeing a REAL and WORKING windmill and I'm so excited. The sounds that the machines inside make...*crackk*  *crickk*.. XD  very got 'the' feel one.. LOL..

The windmill 

Very bright and sunny and 'blue-sky' day..oh..and very very windy

Fiola & Me

The man who worked inside the windmill 

There's a man working up there (the same man in the previous photo) 

The windmill 

And the view. The view from up the windmill is so beautiful, maybe because today is a nice day with blue sky and sunlight. I really enjoy the view very much. Can almost see the whole of Nottingham and all the houses are so.. cute.. ^^

All the 'small' roof.. ^^

It's quite near to my place, only about 15mins walk, so I think I will go there again if I feel like it. It's really a beautiful place to be. There's a small park next to it. So peaceful and serene.

Nice park?

Btw, the windmill entry is FOC. ^^

Oh.. and here's some of the instant photos that my friend took with her instant camera.. so cool.. I want one as well.. anyone want to get it for me as a birthday gift? haha..^^

Instant photo

All - in - All.. I really have a memorable birthday this year. Although I miss my family and friends a lot today, but I'm not alone today. You all are with me. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful birthday!



siawcheng@joanne ♥ said...

very UK-way indeeed... except u need to be like u know sipping hot coffee by the road side with boots and jacket and looking at ppl. xDDD I ALSO WANTTTT!!!! =P

Glad you had a great birthday. When you come back, we shall celebrate it all together. =) <3

Cassie the Missy said...


drink coffee and sit and watch ppl need you to teman me ma.. me alone meh.. LOL.. i back m'sia we try to do this ar.. XD but without the jackets la.. boots still can.. hahahaah