Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Something to think about

Sequence 2009 had officially ended Monday after we load everything back to the lorry back to KBU. It was hard work but it had been FUN! Everyone thoroughly enjoy it and said well done! Hands together for GD grads who make great look of the brochure, posters, booklet, invitation cards, t-shirt graphic, badge, boards and etc etc etc. Also, don't forget we IAD grads who sweat all the way from the beginning till the end making the A panels and display boxes from cutting to nailing to painting to fixing to wrapping to carrying up till 6th floor and then back to workshop to setting up at 1Utama highstreet to unloading everything to load everything after the show's done!

We spent all the time laughing while we work. We joke as we sweat. We smile as we look at our handy work. All our labour work had not been in vain. We successfully brought together a GREAT exhibition showcase which everyone applauded. We are glad to say we are PROUD of ourselves!

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