Friday, July 17, 2009

Sequence 09

Just back from SQ 09! SOOOO tired.. standing almost whole day.
Anyway, it is really memorable!
Not to say those VIP or company ppl ask me about my design.. none of that happened.. but coz this can be consider as my FIRST exhibition.. exhibiting things about myself. Exhibiting MY design. Not to say perfect, but it is really my hard work and I am enjoying myself. Eventhough when those people walk near my work and I get all scare and nervous, I still enjoy myself.

I am proud to be able to exhibit my work. All my 4 years at college are shown in this exhibition. What had this college done to shape me to be what I am today is all here in 1 Utama highstreet LG level until this Sunday!!!

Having done this exhibition means that my college life is officially OVER. I am now currently an unemployed person. SOBZ..

It's sad to say I'm leaving my student-hood days behind. And after listening to what our lecturer say to us as a farewell speech, I suddenly feel a lump in my throat. I just realize it is officially over. Everything is changing. I'm leaving the safety place as a student and venturing out as a designer. Am I officially ready for that challenge? Am I well equip with skills? Am I able to work with people?

There's stilll so many reality I would not like to face. And it is true I'm avoiding it as until now I still have not try to FIND WORK..!

I keep delaying this with the excuse 'wait for the degree show to be over first..'

And now it is over. And so what? I do not feel I am more eager towards working life.

Haiz.. Reality sucks!

ps. Pix will be available soon!

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