Monday, July 13, 2009



Count down .. there only 4 days until Sequence09!!!

What is Sequence09?~

It's an exhibition of IAD & GD graduate of year 2009 works! It will be great as all students more than 60 will be exhibiting their final year work in 1u-highstreet!

Take a look here >> Facebook

Friends.. If you guys are free and will be at 1u this weekend, drop by.. haha..

BTW.. I'm suppose to blog about my new camcorder.. but still lazy to upload those photos.. haha.. anyway, will do so as soon as i grab my mood.. haha..!!

Alright, I'm back to Sailormoon.. Suddenly have an urge to watch this anime AGAIN for the thousand times.. I dunno why am I attracted to this a-bit-childishish-anime.. but it does.. haha..

Therefore.. GUDNITE GUYS!!

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