Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mer mer....???!

All pictures credit =-> mer?
pay a visit to her blog and u will open ur eye WIDE!
I promise u!

Passport Holder (S 090519065)
See this? It's Handmade!!
You guys know how I love to handmade certain objects.. but u know.. my craft-skill isn't good... but see her..! Her sewing and design is just perfect. You couldn't see the flaw.. and don't forget the fact that her craftworks are soo convenient to use.

Just imagine your passport inside this cutie.. Safe and Sound.. haha!

Ipod Holder (S 081122012)

Alright.. who hasn't an ipod? Well, ever think of how to keep ur ipod secure with it being scratch and still make it look personal and PRETTY??!!!

It's just dream come true.. Her version of Ipod holder really make me so excited! It's sold out.. too bad.. But who wouldn't grab this beauty first hand?!!Gosh..

Crazy Cutie Handmade bad (S 090602071)

And this!! My FAVOURITE!

See how this crafty gurl went to matching colouur and pattern? See the flowers and shapes.. it's just soo attractive! I've never had a bag this kind of style before.. but when I saw this, it trigger my interest. Maybe I should change my direction.. and go to the same direction as YY and CC.. haha..

Hey.. maybe they like this as well!

BTW, YY, this is a fabulous website for u to visit.. It's just soo u.. haha..

Alright.. Now.. just click HERE! and visit this fabulous blog.

or if you prefer, click HERE! for the contest she is currently running..! FIRST!

I need to tag 3 Malaysian blogger..


Chooi Fei
Guat Peng

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