Thursday, June 4, 2009

The days...

Been doing various activity since my final presentation. Mostly related to enjoying my life. Below is some example I would like to share!
Firstly is Yien Ying's Birthday celebration right after the presentation day.. 19th May 2009

Burfday gurl & bf!

Us gurlz!

The whole party~~


Next exciting event is the group photo shooting event of IAD & GD YR 3! (29th May 2009)

So coincidentally we good friends have the same thought.. and all of us wear pink and yellow.. haha..

That produces different shades of pink and yellow..

Since the actually photo shoot pix we have not able to get yet, enjoy this self taken pictures 1st..

It has been such a long long time since we took pictures like this..

btw, the graphics are Cizzy's artistic taste work! haha..

Four of Us reunited with pink and yellow~~

The PINKish group!

The YELLOWish group!

FYI, this is not the end. There's still a large amount of ppl in our group.. add IAD & GD together, I think we amount up to about more than 70 ppl. That's the ppl which will be exhibiting in mid-July at 1u (Sequece09)

And this photo shooting is meant for that exhibition booklet! haha

After that 'official' photo shooting session, we 'crazy gurlz' went to have our own 'official' photo shooting session 2!

Me with the School of Design!

4 super high gurlz..~~

FYI, that gurl in yellow is Chooi Fei! haha


Next up is some outing with frens! (2nd June 2009)

Lay Yan and me in The Gardens!

Ong and me in Midvalley..

Ong is having her interns with me last year at Pentago. She do Landscape Architecture. She's a nice gurl!


And the following day (3rd June 2009)

KLCC.. with Lay Yan to buy MPO concert tickets!

and surprisingly we found a amazing world.

Ahoy there!

Taj Mahal made of LEGO!

The Pyramid at Chichen Itza, Mexico made of LEGO!

The Rome Colosseum made of LEGO!

Petra Treasury made of LEGO!

Machu Picchu, Peru made of LEGO!

Last but not least, KLCC Petronas Twins Tower made of LEGO!!!

Wow.. that's what we think..

even made out of cardboard, we already want to pengsan.. they made it out of LEGO which is sooo fascinating!!! hmm.. y din we think of this way while doing our model? we should have save many time and make the lecturer impress! haha


And today! is the long awaited Self Potrait Photo Shooting Session of IAD! (4th June 2009)

Since last week we took the group photo, today is individual.

Sequence09 theme will be carnival therefore will be colourful.

We spent time managing our closet and also managing our face.. (at least, me!)

This is Foong Wai as the main cast! haha.. this is after our individual session and we decided to fool around with our camera as usual. I mean, how many chance do you get seeing everyone get in to nice beautiful clothes complete with make up and hair do? haha..

Me and Hooi Ling head again!
Not much difference to my hair but it's actually curl in the front.. and I feel extremely weird!

Dear Mun Yee.. she always complain I bully her.. sadz...

surprisingly similar again.. haha..

Although this time most of us have more colours than last week photo shooting, but we still end up with most of us in black leggings and white shoes to match.. haha

What a day!

Besides all that, it can be consider as the first time for me to get all set up for a photo shooting.. and individual somemore.. need pose.. a bit shy shy.. haha.. hope the photo will turn out good.. as

I heard them say the potrait will be life size big.. I nearly faint.. help.....

It's reaching the end already. And in a way, it kinda make me sad. All in all, I actually enjoy my college life as it brings me lots and lots of memories and experience that I never thought I will have. Eventhough the workloads has been hard on me and I dun think I did a good job in yr3, h

owever, it's all going to be past tense and I start to miss KBU life already.

I enjoy being a student. Since being a student brings me lots of privilege in certain areas.. such as shopping discounts, movie tickets cheaper, sing-k cheaper, meals discounts.. and also the reality-life-stress-free living as a student.

I don't really need to worry about what those working adults worry about. Financial, office politics and others. It's true we as students always fret about not having enough money to spend. But we are not relying on these money to live. We were supported by our family. We are so lucky. But just end our student life means it is working life. It's all about work and eat and sleep. Where's the fun?

Sure. Working as my chosen profession should be fun but the fun will not be the same. As a student, I only stress about doing badly in projects which cause me a C and resulting in not having the scholarship next year. But as a working personel, doing badly in projects means causing trouble for co-workers, boss, clients, contractors.. and worse of all, in my profession, it might also cause injuries and serious accident. Huhhh.. Just thinking of it make me feel like giving up and just be a safe piano teacher.

Anyway, enough of the somber mood. This post is suppose to be a journal of my holidays. How came it became another sad journal of my life. Hiaz..




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♥candy♥ said...

my dear theng theng... working life will let us experience diff things of course.. and b more responsible towards everything we do.. n of coz,earn money... haha~ although the time v dear frenz and time for fun will be lesser, but also for us to appreciate more what we having.. think for the good way.. n i feel u can ba an interior designer then part time as a piano teacher~hehe.. anyway will miss u all much! frenz forever <3