Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fresh Again

After abandoning this blog for sometime, I finally find back my interest in updating it. Poor blog.. haha..

Therefore, to celebrate, I change the whole layout again.. I'm addicted to changing layout already, once I found out how to use those HTML codes.. haha..

Next step, I trying to design my own layout.. but there's still sooo many codes I don't know how to use.. Like Flash.. Indesign.. those.. all aliens to me.. haha..

However, that's my aim for now. HoHo..

Oh ya.. Finish my studies already 2 months.. most of my friends have already found job.. some continue studying..


I wanted to continue studying at first.. but if I make this decision, I will use a lot of money.. while I am suppose to be finding money. I should be contributing to my family finance already.. They have support me soo far and spend soo much money on me in the past 21 years.. hoho..

Kind of dramatic.. Anyway, I am squeezing out my thirst for studying for now. I guess I should go find a job. BUT!

I think I have a phobia for job now. Since after my internship. How I hate the feeling. Everytime I think of working what came to my mind is only the tension and stress and sad and unhappy and embarress moment during that 2 short months internship!

I have to forget all about it and start again. Maybe I should hypnosis myself to forget that I actually went for an internship. I SHOULD. It had already been a year ago. Everything has change. I have grown 1 year older and SHOULD be more matured and capable of doing things. I hope. I have to~! Support me ya!

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