Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Personality Test.. .... AGAIN????!!!!!!

just found from one of my friend blog... she said that it is a great personality test.. which means.. I am super attracted to take the test... haha..

and after 30minutes of eye and finger-tiring test.. this is the result i got...

haha.. advocating dreamer.. dun really understand.. but i guess the whole point is to say that I am a dreamer.. haha.. which i guess i am sometimes..

well, actually, frankly speaking, (gosh.. wat am i blabbing about... )

anyway.. i am a dreamer..

i tend to dream of things that will not be reality.. when I'm small.. around primary ages.. i often play with myslef.. silly rite?

but it's true.. i talk and laugh and scold myself.. of coz.. i am pretending to be a few characters.. haha.. and btw, i dun have split personality ok?..

it's just that.. erm.. i dun really know.. but i will imagine things.. like maybe i am living in castle.. or certain cartoon characters... those nonsense..

and yup!

i have great fun with it..

until today.. when i'm bored.. i still dream of fantasy dream..

it made my day..

ps.. and this personality test made today post.. (i'm drain out of any idea to update the blog..)

pss.. still blabbing here.. god.. wat am i doing.. still haven't start the detail drawingSSSSSS yet...!!!! argh!!! it's due tues.....!!!! pplzzz....

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