Thursday, May 15, 2008



1st time went for interview.. haha..

good experience actually as i haven went for interview before.. haha..
for those who dunno, it is an interview for internship.. so thoses employers come to KBU and interiview us.. since there are about 50 of us.. we are all separated into many many groups.. and at the last minute oni we know what company is inteviewing us.. haha..

and mine is Secret Reicipe.. haha.. cool?

did not imagine before that Secret Recipe will be needing interior designer also.. i tot oni cake designer.. haha..

anyway.. the MR. tat interview me .. erm.. how to describe.. he ok la.. not really like.. making us nervous or scare or wat.. basically.. he ask the exact same questions to all of us.. (our group i mean..)

before going in to the room.. all of us are terribly scare.. haha.. know la.. 1st time ma.. i am partially fainting..haha.. (ok.. exagerated! :P) anyway.. while walking in i nearly trip la.. hehe.. so scare.. then when sit down .. and SMILE.. then 1st question..

'can you plz introduce yourself?'

and i was like.. err.. ok.. my name is blah, living in blah, and errrrr... studying yr 2...

....................... silent..

damm.. how? wat else to say about myself?

such simple question and i could not answer him..

then la.. i no choice just say wat come into my mind.. tat i am an optimist.. think positive.. able to handle stress due to student life.. all nonsense..

anyway, the rest of the question went OK la.. not really tat bad.. but not really tat good also.. hehe.. wasn't as bad as i imagine it will be.. haha.. kinda relax adi after introducing myself..

haha.. however, i know tat when we really go into the working reality world, no such relaxing interiview lo.. hehe..

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