Friday, June 1, 2007

typical malaysia

Do you think that most people take for granted that they are able to throw rubbish everywhere but the dustbin as there is a job call 'sweeper'?
- of coz..! what else do you think the reason is?
- not true.. we are morale educated!
- er.. i'm absolutely blur at the moment...

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just pass by a pasar malam which were clearing adi.. it is a very small night market located near my house... you know, (i guess someone may guess it... not many small night market on friday isn't it?) doesn't want to say the place...

anyway, back to the topic, as i passed by, i saw that the floor of the night market is full and i mean it... FULL of rubbish!! (eg. plastic bagS, tissue paperS, satay stickS, paper cupS, and otherS!)

imagine... only a small road.. with only a hand full of stores... such small night market can produce such a large amount of rubbish... i wouldn't like to imagine those big big night market which goes on in a few big main roads.. (urgh!)

we are educated, we are civilize..

so why do we still throw our waste onto the innocent floor? isn't that something that we should feel ashamed of? we teach the young ones not to throw rubbish on the floor but never set a good example for them, so how do we expect the future earth to be rubbish free?

it's not that there isn't any rubbish bin.. even if you could not find one, why don't you keep your waste and dispose it when you found one? instead of pretending that you drop something and just leave it... do you really feel good? it's our responsibilities to dispose of something which we have use/eat/drink... this IS common sense! everyone have it! naturally...

it maybe because of sweeper... as the job of the road sweeper is to clear up all these rubbish and they will be payed for it therefore people no longer worry.

if there wasn't any sweeper.. imagine all those rubbish we throw and no one to clean it.. what will happen?

or will there be no rubbish because we know that there will not be anyone to clean it for us and therefore dispose of it nicely without feeling trouble?


this is serious... one day, our mother earth will get fed up with us as we never appreciate her and take everything for granted..

i think it is time for us to do something... and really DO.. not just say...


conan_cat said...

erm to be frank, i am one of the ones that think that thr's nothing wrong with throwing rubbish at pasar malam because got sweeper. XD

but to be frank also, i rarely make any rubbish at pasar malam because i will take my food carry it all da way back home then only throw. lol

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