Thursday, May 31, 2007

what's couple? what's affections? what's love?

so, what do you think of when you heard people saying

'we are couple'

does it mean that they have great affections for each other?
does it mean that they love and care for each other?

well, i hate to say it but the answer is


what do i mean?

well, no offense.. but all i meant to say is that when 2 people (obviously 1 boy + 1 girl or etc) get together and claim that they do have affections, love and care for each other, doesn't really mean it.

alright, i might be a bit prejudice here,

it's only that mayb only 1 out of 10 couples really and trully love each other... and i mean it. LOVE... not like. and this couple will go through any misunderstanding, argument, and obstacles and in the end live happily ever after.

love is affections... natural feeling towards another... it's suppose to be nice, great and happy... when both are in love, they care and shares each other trouble and happiness...

however, not everyone thinks the same. today, when one has feelings of LIKE towards another, they will get together.. it is as simple as that... nothing complicated.. but.. think.. is that right?

i mean, if you don't have the ability to LOVE your partner (love as in.. well, u know wat i mean...) then, don't get together.. cause, in the end you will only hurt yourselves and of coz, your partner. well, maybe, love can be learn to grow when they are together, and of coz, i would not deny, it will be absolutely POSSIBLE.

however, when u cease to care for the person, why don't you try letting go? i don't mean to separate anyone, it's just that i really don't understand.

if one feels really hard to continue but still maintaining the relationship... is there any meaning? is it what you call LOVE? is it what they want for their lives? suffering maybe ok in some relationship as argument, misunderstanding and etc helps to increase each other care for their partner and strenghten their relationship. but not each and every couple is the same...

i maybe wrong, as i really don't have the experience(`-`||).
i know that when they get together, they will want to maintain it, and i trully appreciate their efforts... really, it shows that they care, but is it really out of affection which support one's decision to maintain it? if it's not, then ask yourself, WHY? WHY do i still trying so hard? is it really worth it?

if you are able to answer these questions and the answer are able to convince you that you are right with your decision and you will regret if you do otherwise, then, by all means, go ahead.. yes.. no one will be able to say anything.. it is all in your decision... everything is in your hand... your mind are not other people, no one know better than you about what you want exactly...

it's just that when outsider see the couples struggling... they tend to worry and all that stuff.. you know..

it's just one of my thinking and i would really like to clear it out of my mind as it is blocking spaces of my mind which were suppose to be thinking of my MODEL!!! (and i am wasting time here writing rubbish when i should be cutting up a new model to be show to ms atie at 9.30 am tomolo, and now is 5.16pm!!!)

anyway, really, no offences... just a thought.. and i would like to see what you guys think about this.. (which mean i would like to see comments if you are so generous to give it to me... haha)

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