Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mother and Daughter

I should be writing my dissertation but I came across Fei's blog and read one of her post..

It's a story she read long ago and she say that it's so meaningful she remembered it till today..

This attracted me..

So here it goes..

Mother and Daughter

A mother went to visit her daughter which was married

When the daughter knows her mother is visiting she was so glad.

She brought along her children to pick up their grandmother at the station

The mother was also very happy having her daughter fetching her to the house

The child was tired after a daylong playing thus, sleeps at a corner

Looking at her daughter cradling her child to sleep

Suddenly, mother felt that this picture was so familiar and full of warmth

Mother smiled to herself, and ask, "daughter, are your living happily these days?"

The daughter playfully answered, "Without mom together, I wouldn't be perfectly happy"

Mother smiled even wider

"Then daughter, I ask you another question, if one day, me and your child jump into the sea, who will you first save?"

The daughter was stunned, never thought mother will ask such question.

She thought for a long time, finally answer honestly

"I will first save my child"

Daughter reply in a low voice softly without the energy

However, mother did listen clearly

Mother opens her arms, pulls her daughter close and hugs her, said

"It's ok child. If it was me, I will also save you first"


such big was the love of a mother

no matter when and where, a mother loves for her child cannot top the child loves for her mother

(quote from fei's blog.. haha)

I will now remember this story.. this is one story that I took the effort to translate from Chinese to English..

Wow.. I did it.. haha

(to view the original story click here!)

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Anonymous said...

I am so~ excited n surprise to see this...^0^
And feel happy that u can understand...
bcos i tot nobody will read my blog.haha...
next time if u go,just leave some comment to me la~~
i will more happy to write thing at there...hehe...^^

from: Chooi Fei