Sunday, September 28, 2008

sAMmi sHow Mi AGAIN!!!


Last year went with Ling.. this time with my brother! haha..

My whole family drives up Genting early yesterday and have great fun.. (playing.. not theme park of coz.. kinda hav phobia with all those rides after Sunway.. *ask Chooi Fei why!)

Anyway, we went to the arcade.. and was there for hours..

having pure great fun! below is the pictures!


The first pix there!

(feel paiseh when take.. but cannot resist the urge! haha.. ppl looking.. but luckily took early, coz later when we walk back, the poster was gone.. replaced by Justin.. =,=)

The prize we get playing in the arcade! cute? like me??!

In Arena Star, waiting for the concert to START!
(FYI, we din shout.. =.=)

We went in sooo early.. see?

After the experience in previous concerts.. we just resolve to sit and enjoy SAMMI show
(instead of keep snapping pictures like this! =,=)
(u know my technique only 0.000000001% of Ryan/Foong Wai/etc)
(besides the fact that this is a non-snapping pictures 'world')

that's all the pictures for this 2 days trip at Genting.. din took much coz went there so many times until dunno want to take what pictures adi.. hahahaha

btw, I still haven show u guys my new friend rite?


(plz.. dun call HER carrot!)


Lasker said...

hi hi ..
There was a time when ShoutOut played a part in your online blogging life .. and we want you to know that we have shifted to

Please do add ShoutOut back to your blog and join us like you used to last time.

We missed you :)


chooi fei said...

It is a carrot...hoho...^^
if u want can call torrac also~ :P