Thursday, September 11, 2008

Long time no see!

after about 7 + years being separated...

we finally reunited!!


so long din meet Ching Yee adi.. she became prettier.. so miss her.. she's one of my great 'old' friend! haha..

we went for lunch in Sushi Zanmai 1Utama.. eat 45 minutes, talk 3 hours!!!

haha.. we sat there for 3 hours++

and went around snapping photos.. when we recall back.. we just realized that we have not took any pictures is 7++ years..

and then, we thought again.. and realized....

we actually never really took any photos before at all! haha...

we just concentrate on playing masak-masak.. being imaginative.. haha.. (well? what u expect? we are just 10+ years old when we stick together... haha..)

there's so much things to catch up with.. we chat non-stop.. talking about everything from our tip of our hair into our toes nails.. haha..

had a great afternoon.. Ching Yee's going back to UK in a few days time.. haha.. guess we have to meet next year.. haha.. miss her..

ps. Siaw Cheng.. remember to remind me to pay u back RM1!! haha.. waiting for our next outing!! kaka..

me.. ching yee, siaw cheng.. 3 old gurl reunited!! haha

siaw cheng the 'pro' self photgrapher! haha..


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